Producing Paintings & Photography
living in East Bay California since 1999
About: Chris Fabbri

New Portrait Paintings
produced in Oct/Nov.2019

2019 BeastieBoys, acrylic on canvas 5”x12”

2019 Beastie Boys, ink and acrylic on canvas 24”x36”
2019 Beastie Boys, acrylic and ink on paper 24”x36”
2019 BizMarkie, ink and acrylic on paper 36”x24”
2019 Bowie, ink and acrylic on cardboard 17”x11”
2019 JazzyJeff and Muhammad Ali, acrylics on cardboard 24”x12”

Chris Fabbri art studio Oct2019
East Bay California

mural now showing at Aquatic Park
80 Bolivar Dr. Berkeley

abstract now showing at Foglifter cafe
1901 Ocean Ave. San Francisco

mural now showing at Milk Tea Lab
1972 Contra Costa Blvd. Pleasant Hill California

mural now showing at Pizza Oliva
2400 Olympic Blvd. Walnut Creek California
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