BestSeller PaintingsDirect 1999“-USAToday
Top5 East Bay Painters 2014“-AliveEastBay

Fine Art Work
1999-Present, East Bay Northern California
·Producing Paintings Studios
·Featured Artist/Painter Art Shows
2000-2007 ·WalnutCreek Sch. Dist., Art Teacher
2008-2010 ·MerrillGardens, Lafayette, Artist Tutor

1992-1998 Past, Boston Massachusetts
·Gallery28 Newbury Street, Art Curator
·Gallery63-A Maverick Sq., Art Curator
·Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Security
·Paramount Pictures, School Ties, Cast Extra

1980-1996 Massachusetts
·Suffolk Univ., Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree
·New England School of Art & Design
·Dom Savio HS, East Boston
·Saint Rose Elem., Chelsea
·Tringale Drawing, Chelsea
·Brookfield Elem., Brockton
·Linnea Calligraphy, Brookfield

born Oct.9, 1973 Chelsea, Massachusetts
In the Summer of 1999, at age 25,
Chris moved to Northern California.
He was then elected as a Best Seller
with PaintingsDirect,Inc. by USA TODAY.
He received commissions and awards for
volunteering with the East Bay Artists Guild, CA.
Summer of 2014, he was elected as
a Top5 East Bay California Painter by AliveEastBay.com

The surface of his paintings are varnished with
acrylics and oils, often using pastels on canvas,
cardboard, metal, paper and primed wood.
His portrait paintings are of actors
and musicians, including generations of pop art.
Chris also builds series of nature photography
inspired by the scenery of Northern California.
Now in his mid.40s, he paints series of
themed art, selling to art collectors worldwide.
Chris is also an avid vinyl record collector
with music of all genres.
Sherri and Chris have been living together
in California since the Summer of 2001.

Now Showing
· Milk Tea Lab painted mural 1972 Contra Costa, Pleasant Hill CA -now showing since 2016
· Oliva’s pizza parlor Venice mural 2400 Olympic, Walnut Creek CA -now showing since 2012
· Salesian HS President’s office, Main St. New Rochelle NY -now showing since 2011
· New Clairvaux Abbey wine tasting room, 7th St. Tehama, Vina CA -showing since 2009

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