Painter, born 1973 in Chelsea, Massachusetts. In the Summer of 1999, at age 25, he moved to East Bay California. Now in his mid 40s, he paints series of themed artwork, offering his paintings to collectors.

Most of his painting commissions are portraits of actors and musicians, including generations of pop art. His painting series includes collectible abstracts, cartoons, figures, landscapes and still lives. The surface of his paintings are varnished with acrylics and oils onto canvas, cardboard, found objects, metal, paper, vinyl and wood. Some are small intimate frame sized paintings and some are wall size.

Chris enjoys creating electronic music and working on mixedmedia projects. He produced digital prints in Photoshop, select images can be ordered on multicolored Tshirts at CafePress. Chris also builds series of nature photography inspired by the scenery of California.

Chris has painted murals around the East Bay Area. In the Summer of 2019, Chris worked on painting a mural of an abstract dragon on the Dreamland playground structures of Aquatic Park in Berkeley. In the Summer of 2016, he painted a drink menu mural for the MilkTeaLab in Pleasant Hill. In the Summer of 2012, he painted a landscape mural of Venice Italy at PizzaOliva in Walnut Creek.

1999-2020 California
·Artist Painting Series
·Exhibitions Shows
·Painter Studios
·Photographer Galleries

Past Awards
·2014 Top5 EastBay PainterAliveEastBay
·1999 BestSeller PaintingsDirect usa today

1992-1999 Boston
·Art Curator Painter
Gallery28 Newbury Street
·Art Docent Security
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Education 1992-1996
·BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts
New England School of Art & Design
Suffolk Univ. Boston

a few interests in alphabetical order
Calligraphy, Collage, Concepts, Designs, Drawing, Exhibiting Art, Interior Exterior House Painting, Murals, Patterns, Picture Frames, Portraiture, Set Design, Theatre Stage Props, Vinyl Records