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poems that are based on thoughts and ideas
looking at the outside world
from the inside perspective of human nature

Chris Fabbri Journals: The Awakened One
poetry series spanning over 30 years

The Awakened Two 2014-2016 month to month poetry journal
The Awakened One 1993-2010 year to year poetry journal

2011 MertonCenter.org, Spring Seasonal, Vol.36, No.1
2006 Meaning of Life Book, edited by Scott Hoops, pg.25
2001 Woven Magic, Intl.Poetry, edited by Meager Davis, pg.122
2000 New Art Intl., BookArt, edited by Jeremy Sedley, pg.152
1996 American Poetry Annual, Amherst Society, pg.265
1995 Moment In Time, Nat’l.Poetry, Sullivan & Esterby, pg.595

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