Poems 1993-2010

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The Awakened One, written by Chris Fabbri, edited by Sherri

June 1993
I stand and stare.
I breathe the breeze.
I look up or across the world.
What I see is abstract.
I look down and all this abstraction is gone.
I look up and all this hiding has left me.
I have lived in reality.
I live in what I see.
I live out of what I see.
A scenery of life beyond my control.
This control is controlled by an unknown.
Since I don’t know, I paint what I see.
I watch each day drift by.
I see each day, which passes all.
I feel all is around me.
I feel as I am in control.
I looked across always.
This is our normal human stance.
I watch again and again, each day drift by.
I watch in this stance.
I sleep in this normal fashion.
I see such as any other human.
I see over the air.
I feel, as I am a control.
I feel as if I am this control.
My sight is my key.
My view is this scenery.
Not in anyway, shape, or form, would this view be able to hurt you.
I paint what I see.

Controlled, by a control
felt, by a feeling
taken, by time
forced, by a force.
crafted, by a craft
formed, from a formation
calmed, by a calming
stopped, by stopping
delivered, from a delivery
hated, by a hater
loved, by a lover
viewed, by the viewer
yelled at, by the yeller
entertained, by the entertainer
fogged, by fog
enlightened, by the light
frightened, by fright
within the control of being

October 1993
A scenery of a world unknown.
To live a life in a place unknown.
Known to only you, only you shall view
this place that you’ve called “Unknown”
A painting of the sky, which we’ve all seen.
A painting of the land, which you’ve walked upon.
Seen by your eyes, walked on by your feet.
You’ve kindled a fire, now fall asleep.
The sky will change through every color,
as you sleep dreaming of wonder.
The land will go through stages, just like we’ve all had.
A change that we can relate with, having free will is having hope,
this is the life we’ll all walk upon.

Dream of a life
white as a cloud
blue as a sky
Take me away, to always
away, away to some other day.

We all shall be,
in a world of peace.
We all will feel the power of peace.
We all will forget the facts of negativity.
We all shall eat and drink,
think together,
blink our eyes,
sink our memories,
jinx our own feelings.
Threaten all the madness,
Treat our comfort to all that
means friendship.

Place down your brush.
Place your brush down.
Put away all the thoughts.
All the thoughts bring the sky back to life.
Atmosphere will devour you and your friend.
Your friend shall hold onto you with dear faith.
Your days will take on this monster with a whisper.

I wish to realize all which dies,
I wish to involve all that cries.
I want to entail all that gets lonely,
I need sleep and stop this fury of love,
I met a girl standing holding a dove.
She smiled away, but not at me,
She loved my life and past deeds.
I met another girl, needed her mind,
I heard the fury and ran to find.
To find what was needed that second season,
I wish to begin a life of a legend.
I need to get up and go,
I loved my own life and needed her so.

All around is sky,
All around is the pattern.
It starts all around,
It begins all around.
It shall take all the patterns
and suggest them to the sky.
It shall be finished to such a thought,
a thought of love to carry all of those.
All of those that reach for the sky.
All of those who listen to the word of my sky.

Forever our minds,
as the young.
Bring us light,
as bright as the sun,
as dark as the moon.
I will send you a card soon.
Wish you were here,
was the thought.
I’m based all on friendship and I never fought.
Bring me my light,
my light shall be bright,
may I never lose my sight.

To me,
is mine
and no one else’s.
Place your thoughts on open ground
onto what you found.
To me,
Is it not yours.
It’s mine, all mine, because
of all the ground that
I have in my mind.

Enter the blue,
because it is you.
Carry the white,
because it has no fight.
Bring it all back,
back the future up,
back to the start
to open your hearts.
Fly around that blue and open your fists,
touch that white
and bring it back.

I feel as if I’m under,
under it all,
under it all that controls
my walls.
My walls have vision
visions of it all,
of all that creates me
in this underworld we call

I feel as if I’m tired,
tired of it all,
of all that brings me
under the controls of the walls.

Today is yesterday,
yesterday is today.
Today is yesterday,
yesterday’s today!
Everyday is fading away.
Everyday brings another day.

Any sort of design in your head,
any sort of pace,
your heart beats red!
Red, Red.
Any sort of energy,
any sort of thought,
any pattern that fits your brain,
any sort of pace,
your heart beats red!
Red, Red.
Your heart beats red.
Any sort of life,
Any sort of memory.
Bring all my designs!
Bring all my patterns!

For all of you that live the
repetitive life.
that repetitive life,
that repetitive life,
that repetitive life style.
You wake up for work and you wear a tie.
You brush your teeth and kiss her good-bye.
Come home at five.
You fall asleep thinking of your
repetitive life.
Your repetitive life.
Your repetitive lifestyle.

Lift me up,
up to the sky.
The sky shall be mine.
Lift me away
away to play,
with arousing thoughts of life.
Aroused and ready to take what’s mine.
What is mine, is the sky.
What is the sky, is what is mine.
Today is our life of the sky.
Life is all around.

One day we shall take control of our togetherness.
This control shall be dumped with fading memories of elevation.
Upper motion began time.
The movement of life, controls of memory.
Of life just as we speak the truth of our own.
Our own kind shall control the myth,
the myth of every second.
Every moment between limits.
Moments beyond every life span.
Moments we control with all our kind.
Moments we feel together, not apart.
Our time is shady, time will change.
Art controls this time we call,
Studies of life.

I feel as if I’m in control,
control of all that buries my soul.
My soul as some ghost,
my ghost as some dry soul.
Resting on a hill of bean sprouts,
all around is heaven.
My brother and I shall talk.
Everyday begins, me talking.
All I shall control is my soul,
sitting on the hill,
in a ghost appeal, talking to myself.
The time fades because life is gone.
I think of today’s world,
I cry all the seconds of pain.
I wore coats made of fur.
I cried all day with a pain for them.
I lived all of my life in a silent face,
we shall begin all that needs it.
I flew around in the colored space.
I hung my painting up so you could see it.
So you could see all the mistakes.
It is at this time, all a study.
A study of how life has started.
I’m waiting to get old.
I can wait to achieve my goals.
Will the pictures still be the same?
Why was I the one to blame?
The paintings have hills.
The sky is warm and still gives me chills.
All the clouds have passed away.
Let’s get up, clean our brushes, start another day.
The paintings have all sorts of color.
The one I like best has every color.
Soon my feelings will be gone,
I’m left astray.
Everyday brings us light.
All the darkness in the world happens at night.
Every moment we breathe this air,
when we walk the path,
we hear no fear.
Every moment brings a continued success of built up days.
Light brings us faith,
we enter a world,
in a gaze.
Dazed by the world in a gaze,
you take all that burns you and stand up straight.
To all my pictures.
To all my friends.
To all my fences.
Which one of the clouds
do you enjoy?
To all the beauty?
To all the sky’s that God has given.
Which tree at the bottom
do you enjoy?
To all the memories.

Every time I think, I need to think about construction,
Every time I wonder, I need to amaze myself with self-comfort.
Enjoy this life.
Enjoy all, which is around you.
Look up at your sky!
A time is right.
Life is to our right,
all our thoughts have for
the life on the left.
Take on your world without a fight.
All around is what is called
I feel as if I’m in a small
between every light is some darkness.

I’ve always kept my mind in a state of bliss.
Art wakes me up in the night.
It sits between life and death.
Art is what we’ve been conceived on.
I’ve thought of the sky,
I’ve thought of us walking on pavement.
I’ve placed my eyes in all sorts of heights.
I’ve evolved my own thought on life.

The sky has fallen and I have picked up all my pieces.
I have gathered them here today to share with you
and let you think about my thesis.
When was the last time you looked up at all that abstract disconnection?
Or did it have to change its color to catch your attention?
Is it all another world up there?
Is it an art? An element? Or a cunning work of craft that someday may disappear?
I wish I could explain this open space,
but we somehow justify our existence by walking with a pace.
Try to detach your vision from reality,
soon time and movement will become one.
Our terrorized minds relax and we face what is called an inception.
A birth,
A start of birth.
We die in the earth’s dirt.

It snowed,
snowed for the first time today
this year.
It’s cold; the sky is cold,
So there is no fear.

Life is witnessed.
Art is Beautiful.
Life is soon missed.
We sleep and wake
sleep and wake until
…until we awake with
no depression.

I stood alone for my solution,
to get by.
I study life, it’s what we see.
The skyline becomes true infinity.
Life is all around us like trees.
Blowing sounds of wind,
sitting in my grandfather’s cabin home.
I would never think of a sin.
I was taught about life in a peaceful state.
Yes, he had power over me.
Now, I see so much fake creativity.
Together we witness the light.
Peaceful such as the nativity.

Start of birth.
Art of birth.
into the sky,
I was told to try to hang glide.
I think it is like a form
of flying by yourself.
I’ve experienced atmosphere
already though,
but thanks for the recommendation.

Here are the times,
the time is now.

Together we see faith.

We draw to be concise.

America is a weird place.
I’ve lived here my whole life.

Get technical with your vision.
Will your self-confidence appear?

Yes?……No?……. it’s your mission.

My first experience of peace was out in the fields painting.

There’s light on the man’s face,
but where is that light coming from?
That’s why I would of put a window,
instead of that purple curtain.

The sky is blurred,
the land has so much detail.
The top of the horizon line is like fur.
I’ve got to pass and never fail.

Walk down a path,
think of your future,
run through a field fast,
kiss and hold her.
Beauty is through her existence.
Stunning eyes shine through nights.
She talks to me for instance.
I’m sitting in peace, but I still hear a fight.
I still sit though, living.
Wondering why,
wishing I could fly,
ever so high,
my work makes me want to try.

Today is like everyday,
like everyday was, is and will be.
We are kept inside ourselves,
to feel alone and we think to be free.
We construct each thought without ever thinking.
Since we think no one is listening,
we stare without blinking.
Memories build up, like a wall, inside you.
You take time to wash, but you face what is still a part of you.
Move on, it’s what you’ve chosen; It’s what you’ve built.

Sun Rise, Sun Set.
Wake up, we sleep.
Life takes us away.
We walk down a road,
we breathe our last breath.

Artful as she is,
Chief of her own style.
Conqueror of her own existence.
Owner of art.
Dictatorial in her own way.
Ingenious with her speech.
She masticates the world in her art.
Bright colors, but she uses black.
Remarkable comments, she knows.
Fashionable and still clever.
Acute, but still incisive.
My teacher is nice.
My teacher is pretty.
Eye-catching because of her ways.
Turbulent and triumphant.
She embodies with distasteful loiter.
Never regrettable, since I’ve known her.
She’ll never refrain, but keep her distance.
She’ll loom, not just appear.
She shows her white teeth with a smile.
She’ll undo that smile with a forthright second.
Distinctive, a conductor.
She still is incisive and still educative.
Eccentric, but in her own way.
I really don’t know her.
She’s just my art school teacher.

A mind with mistakes,
a mind couldn’t be fake.
A time without any control,
we take not a toll.

A holding of thoughts,
Remembering the days,
Thinking of all the minutes you’ve fought.
Is this just a phase?

Forever is such a long time,
Eternity sounds like ‘a never stopping life’,
life could be considered such crime.
It all becomes the shape of a dice.

How should it be?
What’s the meaning?
You should plant a tree.
Dance and sing.

Art explains all this confusion,
Your mind becomes relaxed on a pace,
We take life as a phase, then an illusion.
…a beautiful face.

Days are like moments,
Creative minds build your world,
Memories begin to bend.
Take a look into the image of tin foil.

Under all the people who control your past,
You contain yourself from expression,
Figure out how long this life will last,
Control your aggression.

You entered my life with a handshake,
I looked away,
give and take,
ring my bell, come out and play.

We kissed each other,
Many are sick and can’t walk,
Things are neat, just like my brother’s seat.
Notebooks are kept, I try to talk. Step.

Pictures of scenery,
Pictures done in school,
My life is gone with ease,
in grammar school, you played the fool.

Learn the way your family lived,
Without you things would be different,
sleeping in your crib.
Another day of counting cents.

Music is a key,
Sleep becomes a source of energy,
It’s not just me.
I’m in a state of building history.

You’re my friend,
keeping in touch,
letters you’ve sent,
mean so much.

Together we grow up,
Together we see the world,
We witness what’s corrupt,
distorted and royal.

Carry all the weight,
Some day you’ll put it down,
when all you believe in, is fate,
sky to the ground.

Stay around, your thoughts,
I let them change, into what it ought
to be, in such a rearrangement.

I’m tired now.

Millions of painful feelings
Try to remember the line
Family line
Time line

When the day is night,
we are still standing here.
Time is in desperate flight,
we stand and stare.

All of the time is in the past,
we are still standing here,
even if you’re last,
we stand, breathe and stare into air.

The scenery is all one color,
with a change even so slight, my brother,
I can sometimes feel a flight.

Not me, I can’t raise my temper.
I’m pleased to help her.
Peace is something learned.
You can’t teach it, if you try to.

Alone as we always are,
but filled with Love,
bright as a star,
full of Love, like a dove.

Looking across the skyline,
Walking without a pace,
Living without any time,
flying across infinite space.

A moment between now and later,
soon an inception begins,
We then see our creator,
Without such sins.

The start or the birth,
we die in the earth’s dirt.
A face with no movement of pace,
A face with only love in it’s space.

A beginning, a start,
milk bottles are carried in a cart.

Soon the inception is the end.

As the day gets darker,
the tree brightens the room.
All of the colors are bright and then darker,
then the light dies in the room.
Rusty looks sad.

I’ve locked myself in my room.
I’ve once turned off all the lights.
I’ve thought of you, death; nearly twice.
I’ve prayed alone.
I’ve cried when I heard the word of your heart speaking in agony.
Your death must of been sad, a very bad one.
I thought of your ugliness and beauty.
Light and dark,
the world changes into both.
We witness the change by
feeling energy when there’s light
and tiredness when it’s dark.
The sky has a distance that no man has ever found.
The world contains meaningful ideas that make us distinguish sound.
Poetry and artwork.
Paintings and life.
Paper and pencils.
Pens and ink.
God and the devil.
Friends and enemies.
Forks and spoons.
Dirt and water.
Fire and ice.
Wood and metal.
Skin and fur,
the start and the end.

sound lures
worship on righteous kingdoms.

I look at all the paintings,
what is important is the point before the message is being sent.

I see my days go by,
I weed my way through.
I witness what’s fast and true.
I live and let each minute be mine.

Together we’re one,
one is more then none.
Two is just one and one more,
humans become stronger than the lions roar.

My mind is alone,
but I need her soon,
I spoke to the voice on the phone,
now she’s distant as the moon.

All around cool lights,
scenery of warm settings.
Her mind’s going off into flight,
she’s regretting.

The days are long
with long thoughts of paintings in my head.
The days become mine,
I feel in it.
I fell in it.
I felt it.
I flew over the sky,
in my mind.
It takes no time,
conformity of your mind.


but silent and nervous
at the same time.
On our way out,
watch the news,
terrorized mind channels.
You’ll jump up,
you’ll rust to the mirror.
I’ll watch you pace from the mirror,
back to front
Angel of thoughts, bring us
into our world.
Portraits of people.
Paintings of mine.
What have you done here?

Ode to my Grandfather
Trees up above,
roots in and out of the ground,
feeling his love,
painting on canvas,
is the only sound.

I see old styles come back,
what was fiction to become fact.
All the birds fly,
clouds gather and collect,
we give it a try,
I see all the people making
what is called a living.
All the bats fly,
rain comes down like bullets,
I give it a try,
dead throwing fits.

March 1994
your covers are wet still,
you stay in bed,
lost all your bets
and listening to what she said,
Your thoughts come true,
the blankets are yellow,
the sky is blue,
letting all feelings flow,
Light slowly disappears
and coldness appears
to generate heat,
you start to shed a tear
thinking all the laws
are unfair,
Family blankets cover your infinite space of thought,
All the swords you’ve bought have gone dull
and your mind still listens to what she said

The Same Sky
Little star so bright
won’t you fall down
and be my friend?
Little shine in the sky,
won’t you be a friend
and fall on down?
Land down unto my ground,
so I can burn my feet
on the concrete while she speaks.
Do you realize your overwhelming heat?
Little star so bright,
You will soon say good bye
You do every single night.
Then dreams take our sights.
A moon lingers in the same sky.
This man’s shine
is devious.
but a dejected symbol takes time,
so I wish the sun was a friend of mine.

Living under sky’s of blue.
Words of truth.
Abuse. Accused to lose.
Abuse of the visual state of mind.
Working time.
Starting a poem with a word,
that you don’t do. Abuse. Wheels as a tool.
Many trees sit in silence.
They gently throw fits.
Moving about, clashing branches.
Falling down, setting stances.
In stars of farms with white fences.
Seated in fields.
Weeping tears. Blinded with life, the trees see heaven.
These machines with the wicked wheels,
cutting my ground
with an obnoxious sound.
The God of love, set boundaries.
The leaves fall from these lovely trees.
Falling within love,
Entering the ground.
Windy sounds now come. Falling in love.
Holding her tongue.
Kissing her thumbs.
An Annunciation, to my love.
Within violins, and a sky that spins.
Within feelings of being above,
falling within her love. Instruments of peace, connect with me.
Her and I, make history.
Figuring out the meaning of life is like
finding the meaning behind an obscure poem you read for the first time.
After reliving the poem daily, you put your own meanings into it
and that is what the meaning is, your own.
Cheers and fairs. Tears and yawns. Sleep and wake. Fried and baked.
To you, I saw you, drifted like the clouds. For us, I saw us, floated
like the God-like touch.
Your temple, your temple in heaven.
Next to your eyes, across from what you hear from.
Your temple, the sweet curve, inward.
Out into your brain, the system, of thinking.
Your temple is heaven.
Wonder about sight, and just what it is that you see.
Wonder about fright, and what is it that scares you and me?
Dwell on life, not sight or fright,
they are just details, that have fairy tales.
Life is what to think of.
Think of the gold sparkles,
coming from the dove.
She drew me a flower today.
She was drawing the Botticelli for school,
and I asked her for a drawing of a flower.
It’s a nice flower.
Tiny drops of gold,
sparkle all about the path of the dove.
The clouds above, move away,
to another man’s day, soon they’ll rain.
A worm will move and birds will eat his body in time.
Within wide turns, the nature is ruined.
All the ceilings, coming down again.
All the children, old and told parables.
Sold and sent to the cannibals.
This beauty of a life must die.
This beautiful creator must die.
All the children grow wings and fly.
Flying, the wind is calling.
Humming, staying solid, and dropping.
Soon rising again.
Behind clouds,
The angel carries bread and water in handmade baskets.
We all have a body, to carry.
We all had a body, to carry.
Even the worm in the mud.
Even the bird eating him.
We are all carrying our body.
We all carry our own body.
After death, our souls are deeply sorry.
The clouds have our body.
Ankles together,
she stands, light as a feather,
floated in breezes of peace.
Yet the space and worlds around her are so controlled with evil grace.
Past savages and ones in her history killing each other.
Yet she starts to prance and dance with arms in the air.
Water flows,
watch how the sunbeams create sparkles that glow.
Lawns mowed, look at how each and every blade is perfectly cut.
Look at how the sparkles glow.
Look at how each and every blade is mowed.
Water flows, creation grow and grow and wake up.
A lady with a rose so gay.
Holds it gentle and she prays.
Darkness all around her.
Her dress is clean and perfect.
The flowers she holds, seem wilted and old.
Her smile seems smooth and moves her holding. Paintings in grey.
Look at all sunlight you’ve got today.
It seems like the saints have prayed.
Cross the sky with you vision,
only you can take your systems,
all away, all away and away, to the relaxed days.
It seems like the saints have spent all day, praying sunny days.
A Presentation of the warmth of the light.
A recreation of the feeling into flight.
An admired way of thought,
a cloud is the fog,
writing poems on the job.
Yes, I wish I was outside.
Yes, I do want some sunlight. Turn it on,
Turn it on and on and way up
in the sky,
don’t say bye. We both eat chocolate.
Under covers, so delicate.
I smell you,
your hair,
your watery tears.
We both talked,
kissed and hugged.
My announcement,
standing on cement.
Loving you,
in the truth of my blue,
bold, I stand. I hold onto your hands.
Holding your hand.
Love in a band.
Caring to stand.
Sky under land.
Holding the land.
Painting the cement.
You love my sigh.
Fly, fly, fly,
away into the angels of the sky.
Today was bright and sunny.
Pretty humid,
to the… The dead and the living. Am I forgiven?
A lady in pink dress.
An old women in a pink sweater.
Loving this place in a harmony.
Radios we listen to.
I knew the other two.
As a child has forgotten the past,
thoughts of being forgiven in states of penance.
A love now found.
Forever in photos.
Standing on the ground.
I knew the colors of youth.
Beautiful, groomed tool of the models, mood.
Loved forever.

With forever love.
Thoughts of forgiving.
Loving the sky’s tint.
Feelings you and I float on into.
You love me, too.
We hold onto each other.
We hold so delicate.
We make comfort.
like molded sculptures.
Life living.

Love: Within Me
Something’s inside of you,
I feel it.
I gave it to you,
all my love:
It’s inside of you,
written truth.
I gave it all to you

Something inside of you.
I feel it.
I gave all my love,
I gave to you in truth.
It’s inside of you,
written truth.
All the love,
within me.
All the truth,
I give to you.
I’ll give more to you.
I’ll give it all to you.

When all the snow has fallen,
and all the birds have stopped calling,
The trees will arise,
the sun will shine,
and all will be just fine.
You talk about the lives,
as if they couldn’t feel.
You speak about the wind,
as if they could hear.
When all the words in your head,
have left and you have gone to bed,
The birds will chirp,
the roots will break,
and all will be real,
yet it all could turn fake.
As the sky fell,
we knew time would tell.
As if the clock stopped,
together we went on and on,
and on, our long and flurry walk.
Such sweet pardons,
in a windy weary world.
We listen to some singer sing a song.
We sit in cars and feel bumps.
The family you’re from.
Trouble and endless fun.
Pardons if I offend.
I’ve been staring at your fence.
How you dress and talk.
I’ve even watched you walk.
Listened to yodel
and felt you so.
The pet you’ve brought to bed tonight may die, tomorrow.
I’ve felt that sorrow.
I’ve been all around the parts of hollow.
I remember blue.
I remember the truth.
Feeling the warmth within.
Forgetting all that has been done before me,
yet I would never do as you did.
I stay here with my love.
I caress and kiss arms.
Only love,
in our blood.
We are creators of Earthly kind.
Humor and unwound.
Bored and full of time, to unwind.
Safety is all I wish for.
Love and adore.
Kind and ours.
Beauty enters everyday from my bedroom door.
I sleep in your voice.
Words of waves,
and love sounds.
I stay with you.
We study to get by.
Someday we shall be an adult.
We’ll feel what’s been felt.
Live days in a sky of gray.
Yesterday and today.
Calls from you my butterfly.
Smile in the sky.
Fly unto me for a while.
Flutter amongst me.
Sleep in lovely.
The sheets are warm.
No problems,
and school’s nearly over
Sleep, lovely, sleep.

She flutters next to me.
Daises were in me.
Abstract scenery.
Brown, elegant clown.
Saint Catherine would dance with her wheel.
Her romance.
Grandpa carried a leather bag.
My pants sag.
He’d hold my hand,
playing ball in the yellow land.
Yellow and
Brown butterflies fluttered.
Still to this day, I’m covered.
Engulfed in wisdom,
an Earthly system.
Innocent innocence,
awake and walking.
Sleepy times in the mind, a weary mind
with love by the side.
Awakened with a kiss,
to find a butterfly under my nose.
Beautiful butterfly.
She is so.
Pardons of pleasant sorrow.
Pure love in my heart.
Sounds, flows, growth, sudden and fulfilled.
It’s a love, yea that’s what we’ve been all of.
Through the years,
before we were born,
we were just twinkles in our Daddy’s eyes.
I’ve remembered much.
I’ve thought of much and I’ve been touched.
Felt from the depth of the Earth.
Clapped in the hands of a restless dove.
What is the moment, when all is chosen?
What is the time, when we use our mind?
I just remember, a warm place of peace,
a peace through your unlocked door.
I watched my face change in the mirror.
I caught a fever.
I made all my friends believe.
I made them.
I watched them all, follow me.
Follow me!
I watched all of them fly above the sea.
Grandpa on a boat,
it’s always afloat.
Catch some turtles,
and trap in the fish.
Cut the line,
make a wish.
I can see the place, so right.
I remember the fire at night.
I remember the water, sparkled light.
I remember the marshmallows, toasted just right.
I can see the trees today.
The pine needles, orange to gray.
I remember the month of May.
The Summer was bright, never a gray day.
Then again, I remember all the snow.
And all the snowballs we’d throw.
I can see the place, so slow.
My memory remembers it so.
My friends and I, went for a ride.
We drove up to the rocks, looking at the wash.
The washed up waves, made my day.
The city was old fashion and witches flew in the sky.
It was around Halloween.
I remember seeing a full moon beaming.
Forever in season
Blew the red light on the parkway.
Kept going, going, going straight.
I left behind, my mind.
Soon I found my love, divine.
Sitting all alone,
I comforted her home.
Her Dad built a fire.
He never really noticed my desire.
His daughter, I fell in love with.
His fire, kept us warm.
She kissed me and loved me
through our forever season.
Today I walked.
My Dad talked.
Today I drove.
He did also.
Today I slipped and fell.
He sat there and smiled.
The color of sight seen
in me, I tell you
in words that I intend
to soothe.
Groove and prove
I speak in truth.
I love thee.
I wrote the truth.
Poems of Love.
Poems on paper.
Love leaflets.
Poems of honor.
Cherish in craft.
Art Walks in field.
The field of vision, felt.
Poems of care.
Poems of mine.
I’m here
trying to teach this
Written in
poetry, like a
breeze from a butterfly’s wing.

An annunciation knight.
Frogs in a swamp
Turtles on a log.
Butterflies, pond, poem.
Her and I in love.
Romance. Feelings.
Walking. Talking.
Strength. Wonderful.
Move. Strength.
Freedom. Supper.
Father. Pizza.
Crumbs. Heat.
Forever. Drive.
Pasta. Lunch.
Flower. Music.
Getting by everyday.
Watching how things change.
Rave waves.
Going on in the day.
Getting through another day.
Red plastic way.
Torn in a saved way.
Necessary to finally watch the cost given back.
Music growth.
Finally, do you see?
Nose in the air.
Words with whirling wonder of
our love through sounds of
ease and words of peace
given to you sense so easily
you read.
The world is yours.
As so I would like you to think.
Understand and develop in your sense of reality.
The subject of life,
lived in a love, full and bright.
Moments together nice.
Felt, remembered, honored, in worships so loud.
The subject of love.

In thoughts.
Then feeling the day glide and turn and flip flutter away.
Thoughts on the day.
Her in my heart.
A moment in survival.
Looking up to the sky.
What is color, anyways?
A moment, I try.
A moment; Carry the sky.

Mornings tamed.
A moment today.
Captured and held.
With love, hugged. Space felt.
Universe of pleasure.
Kind warmth in cold weather.
Provide for.
Love in memorandum.
While mountain sides roll and the code
of which I’m aware of breathes, I see I’m in love, honestly.

She tries her hardest.
I wait in the waiting, caring.
When I hold her hand, I feel it’s forever.
When I’m in that field,
she is the only one who comes close to me.
With wings.
In colors, brown, white, green and orange.
If I look close I can see yellow.
My sight of her as my butterfly in the low fogged sky.
Perfect design.
Skin so soft, elegant.
Time goes by.
Life in my sight.
I view what I want to do,
I go into the future, too.
Art is all I see.
Seeing it, I wonder. I think.
Like a written word.
Like a poem in turns.
My mood as being an adult.
My tune as seeing the snow melt.
The heart in my chest.
The world of love, we are apart.
When we are, I’m always written out.
I’m playing my thoughts out.
Written out.
Yet the love I’ve got for us to
stay together remains honest
and strong. Nothing goes wrong.
Keep in your eyes the love I
write to flow in your insides.
Unique and kind,
words to help you feel fine.
Fine in my thoughts,
you, my pretty girlfriend.
Beautiful and divine.
Save, all I’ve done.
For it’s known, we pass away.
It’s sad to say.
We can’t live forever, we move on to a different day.
I’m to love you always.
After calling my home.
Thank you Saint Catherine,
for prayers answered.
Days move along.
Thank you for the love in my heart.
It’s there, I know you care.
But the sight outside of myself,
I’m trying to improve.
Curing what needs to be cured,
from the years of my youth.
I want to be a part of you, forever.
Love leaflets.
Written brochures on my days away
from you, writing how I’m going to get close to you.

Living every day I learn, I’m here.
As gorgeous as you are,
I still dwell in my own well being, learning what kind of man I’m for you.
I’m for you.
Writing here, in truth.
Just out of my youth.
I sit and smile,
I drive, I walk, I listen.
I try to make myself special,
because I believe I am.
I’m for you.
My own, I give my all.
All the dimensions of my heart.

Components of operation.
Notice the normality.
Nothing like “abra-ca-dabra”,
For I wake up
in a stretch and splash
water all over my face.
Becoming hungry and doing
something about it.
Taking care
and breathing correct.
Meeting up with my love,
later in the day.
Making sure all is safe.
Support improves as years go by.
She knows the clouds in my sky.
Collaborative, good word.
Collaborative. It’s so normal.
Diamond mind. Create a clarity in me.
Draw my thoughts. Erase my masterpiece.
Etch every little moment before
and after it came to be in my tired interactive head.
Narrate the symbols of love and the aspiring artist I am.
God help me.
Diamond destruction.
Connoisseurs of mayhem.
Exploding time.
I love the unwound state of
mind, that always brings my mind
to a peaceful loving state.
I’d like to commit myself to
committing on the exceptional
quality of reliability of my loved ones.
I couldn’t live with tragedy.
Creative Communications.
Share your ideas,
speak to me, capture me.
For you seem so realistic, Lord.
In those paintings, I get frightened at times when I saw those old masters depicting the eternal.
I convert so easily.
My heart is like iron, all of a sudden.
School scares me.
Asking a question in that class is like giving up your soul.
Contributing information is like being a saint.

Astounding, sensual and lit.
Warm and cozy, about to sleep.
A routine we all have mastered.
Fringed in comfort, we hold.
Graceful eyes.
Expressions of love and kindness.
Explored in rubs and suspended
Romantic and old fashion, obvious
displays of tradition and
density, with a hug.
Exceptional and whirl winded.
Craftsmanship of dreams begin.
Shake dearly your hair into the
moment of sleep, retraced.
Stormy weather, near.
Coldness has us held near.
Exquisite arms of yours and mine, rings at the bottom.
Harmonize. That’s all I speak of. That’s all, my dear.
Harmony and love so gentle.
Durability and premium,
the patterns of a warm comforter over our splendid slept in bodies.
Chandeliers over our breakfast table, glitters welcome to the day.
Incandescent, hills about
Fluorescent, mountains within.
Machinery defines fabrics.
A rarefied one, a beautiful one.
Orange, pink tones, Navajo of some sorts.
Black and rich.
Eyelashes fall, we remain sleeping.
Particularly smooth.
Designed by a lovely angel,
Formed with blood and beating,
she loves me up.
Encounters, for they are elegantly
framed and remembered.
Remembered by my eyes, only,
for they are only in my mind.
Tiny circles remain.
Pouring energy out in moans.
Head moving across the pillow
Arched back.
Concrete words of continuing.
Not stopping and about
festive comfort.
Phrases of pleasure.
Smiles of the essential.
Climax of curtains.
Aesthetic charm.
Slang at times.
A love in my heart for you,
butterfly angel.
The only one I draw as an adult, mature and relaxed in my stomach.
Positioned in comfort.
Born in protective hands.
Lands end.
Classic and famed.
Relaxed in my warmth.
My hands were cold,
now they release warmth.
Subtle kisses on your forehead.
Whispering between your wings,
air filled with love.
Made and tamed.
Relaxed in my warmth.
For you, you are my only one.
The only one,
that brings about this emotion. My Love.
It’s a love in me, I give to you.
To keep you in safety and brings you to more love.
For you, my Annunciation, my tender one, so elegant
in this season with a warm scarf.
For, I love you.
Touch on yourself, give your heart what it deserves.
I study with you, in curves,
the grace of love in a groove of truth.
Forever, you’ve got my help,
Anytime, I’m a man.
Distant and with a space of time,
yet that fence is always there.
The fence, that symbol is something.
Something needed to get me through.
Sometimes that empty field,
becomes filled, completely
filled with a passion.
Sharp marks, render them.
Swirls of pleasure and organs of softness.
Colors seem to explode into unity
and beauty,
yet the meadow I saw
before all this was
just as pretty.
Delicate in seasons
and touching.
Distance explains this all.
The fact that I’ve got time.
The fact that pure love becomes of what I explain in my vision.
A sour green organ. Inside.
Red pink organ. Outside.
The life explained, makes full sense.
The dock that floats, amazed me as a child.
I’d swim out to this and jump
off it. For an instant I would
fly and crash to my cry.
The pine green around me,
my youthful fine skin,
glowed in a turtle’s free life.

The fallen tree, made the sun
spot for their rest, always to be.
Frog gone crazy in the plastic jug.
I’d walk down a dirt road,
I miss it. I’ll always love it.

The rainy morning, happiness in my mother.
She wakes me in songs, she sings.
I wake, pretty easily now a days. I stretch.
Get up, splash water, dry with soft towel and get dressed.
Teeth brushed and hat on, jacket and under it a sweater.
Fog covers over the top of the buildings, here.
Proof of God.
Dark day, take us away.
You can not believe in an after life.
For we have not a clue, only a sight of blue.
The sky and below, human tools.
While the proof against isn’t
proof for, we live on.
Awake and back to sleep again.
Planting a tree. Finding mystery.
Lack of system.
He draws faces. He draws muscles.
He draws eyes open. Marks are made with his pen.
Dots are made. Finite hatch marks that carry definition.
He draws a machine. A robot, it seems.
Hands and rendered realms of civilization.
He draws eyebrows. He drew a nose.
He draws feet. He drew toes.
He drew a plane. He sketches the sky.
Wings help glide.
Conclusion. Premature.
A theft of pleasure.
An effect.
Evidence to show a degree.
A community. Force.
In a course of a year.
Conclude. Foolish.
Fallacy. Nutrition. Cause of an action.
Continue this.
Absent and out and about.
Looking over here, other eyes.
There’s a body.
Trying to teach us.
The teacher too, stops.
He looks to the ceiling too much.

More snow awakes.
Slowly, I drive.
Wondering if the rest of the world is ok.
Patterns of thought. Beautiful.
Do you have to go to school today?
I remember the summer.
It will be around again.
I sit in work, guarding.
Beautiful feelings in me,
because you came to me.
I can’t explain how beautiful
you make my life to be.
Though, I try, in every poem,
delicately and with love.
There’s an angel watching
over us, can’t you tell?
Everything is well and couldn’t be any better,
the future is seen, our life together.
Harmony forever.
We’ll sleep gracefully
and hold onto each other
with passion. What a
Beautiful life
we shall share,
you and I, together.
May your eyes, seen in mine, shine.
May your beauty, forever be.
May your love hold me.
May my love stay with you.
We’ve got all the time in the world.
Let’s walk.
Let’s talk.
We can go through that park.

The cold wind became invisible.
Warmth grew.
Just you and I, girlfriend.
We knew.
Through hugs and hands held.
In love and in feelings developed.
We knew.
We knew time was the truth.
Angel youth.
Held by mother, groomed.
The order of days.
The path through the field, paved.
The remote in a prance.
The lovers in a dance.
The disciplined stance of trees.
The personal poetry.
The life of ants.
The lovers dance.
The color of gray.
The water in the bay.
The clouds in the sky.
The lovers fly.
The book’s written within.
The meaning of voice to sing.
The flight of a butterfly.
The lovers unite.
If a wish was to become true, then all of them would have to.
Only pretty flowers are picked, they grew in the sun.
They are given in love.
A place divine,
the sun shines in the sky.
Clouds pass.
Water falls, dripping fast.
A rainbow appears.
God’s tears.
Colors of hidden light.
Colors of beauty in our sight.
Paintings of night.
A place admired, a place we pray.
In our mind, God gives another way.
Nature supplies another day.
Children smile at our funny face.
An angel flew in a pace.
Rain in the air is all we taste.
A blessing of sunrays.
Awake to a new day.
The location of creation.
The remarks of a spark.
The sight of light.
The death of the dark.
The birth of the dirt.
The time of questioning.
The observation.
Assistance given.
For you are important.
Important, important in the eyes of my mind.
Important, because I give you my time.
For you are beautiful.
Beautiful, beautiful in sights of my eyes.
Beautiful, because I’m your mind.
Beautiful nights. In mirrors we see,
we see what God wanted us to be.
In sky’s we view,
we see what God wanted to be.
In grounds we’ve felt,
we’ve knelt on what God wanted us on.
In hands we feel,
we feel what God wanted us to.
In life we live,
in life we want.
We want what God wants.
Beautiful days.
The way sky moves.
The way our body may bruise.
The way of the land.
Detailed, altered, defaced and violated.
The way of a plan.
The way a human stands.
The way we shake hands.
The way men love women.
The way a lecture is given.
The way sin is forbidden.
Removed, pictured, painted and replaced.
The way we kiss on the face.
The way we walk with a pace.
The way we pray and give grace.
The way the sky moves.
Clouds surround.
As holy as you are.
Clouds fall down.
Puddles on the ground.
Lights in the trees in town.
Christmas spirit found.
If a rose were to die and come back to life, would that be a form of a resurrection,
or a rebirth of some sort?
Or is it just life, coming back to life?
If a butterfly were to fly, too high and distant in the sky, would it descend and when?
How would it realize, it was too high?
How would it find out how to descend? Earthly questions.
If a star were to shoot, what direction does it go?
How does a ball of fire travel, when all it’s got around it is darkness?
Questions upon us.
With the flick of a switch, lights could be on.
I’d rather find hope.
I’d rather find grace.
With a little more speed,
you win the race,
you see.

The normality of waking up and getting to a point in
your day where you wanted
to return to bed.
The passion for dreams.
The passion is old, it seems, the poet’s dream
screams, morning much too much.
Depressed at one point and gathered in another.
Complex and dry, sleep puts mind to rest.
The weary break of the day,
when our heads don’t know our name,
until the morning arrives.
Inside our mind is a certain
amount of time.
It’s when we depend, it’s when we are sent.
Nearly to die. Now we sigh.
Roaming the gray,
the white, thick fog is gone.
All the seasons develop, just because.
On through a morning, out of a dawn.
Poems for her
written down.
is a reward. A simple man like me, known.
Complex branch shapes.
Quarters and pyramids.
The pie of life.
The graph of this or that.
The control of the human, we are aware of the outgrown.
The wind.
The speed broke within.
Computers and tin.
The hum from a humming bird is heard.
The tree carries life through, still.
Syrup and sometimes honey.
Water washes my angel ears.
Her hair is long, in my face.
Over the sky, lives a man.
A man that is cool with women.
It is he that owns a garage.
A big old one that is dusty from the old sky.
Sometimes he flew down to our towns and walks around,
polite and in the night.
Sometimes he would be drunk,
others would kid with him or ask him to tell stories.
He told one once, when I was young, I remember he spoke about the birth of the sun.
Beautiful and big, moving and thick.
Left in a merry cool stance, broken in a prance,
the old man went back to his stands.
There are little stars,
to show you and remind you of where you are.
The form of fire, exists,
you must insist and see fit that we try to trust their judgment of survival.
They are a form of light, a little at least.
I found a rock on the beach and threw it back into the salty water,
everything in creation made complete sense.
Education of your own.
Your own mind, your own time spent, with friends, laughing.
The master of cement.
The long lasting man.
The identification of a mess
when all should be clear and organized.
The reasoning of own wealth.
Poetry written by yourself.
Read by a loved one. A smile makes all satisfied.
Tiny scroll, infinite in it’s dated days.
A knight behaved, ride the wave.
Momentary control of a self hold. History that’s old.
Written poem.
A hand that’s old.
Now I want to walk the distance.
The movement of bodies.
The Earthly gatherings.
The formation of life.
The marriage to a wife, it’s what I need.
Winter is about to take charge.
I’m pretty sure it already has.
The one who plays in the snow.
The children who need friends.
Literally asking. Beautifully.
The fall of the snow chills their noses.
The fall of the day, Mother calls them in, from sledding.
The hills were fun.

The wind was sort of gentle today.
The air is thin and we walk
into placid moments driven.
The day slept away.
The night to give way.
Sleep some more, tomorrow I’ll be here. The awakened one.

Early in the morning.
Before the core of my inner
strength becomes.
Before the strength becomes.
Before the sun is risen, I rise. I’m time.
Before the sun is risen, I smile. I’m moving.
The emotion of comfort.
Dark beautiful colors, swirling together.
A tiny amount of
light suggests the shape to be just right.
Dark green and black.
Ochre and blue,
honesty and truth.
A ladder to the sky.
A figure dancing, not knowing why.
A gleam of swirling colors of leaves.
Under lights, dancing.
The stars remain,
wealthy and tamed.
Powerful in fame,
seen above, gleaming.
For the stage could be seen as a sky.
Stars stand, performing light.
Twinkle, twinkle in your sound.
Made in sonic booms and crash tunes.
Sold out shows, shooting graves.
Trees grow, they grew from the Earth
and ascend slowly to the color above, blue.
The waves roll in, crashing.
Smashing to the shore. Godly roar.
Over the horizon, the
waves become closer to the
sand, warm pieces of land.
Individual rocks, grand.
Falling in a stream, quickly,
yet gently out of my hand.
Through an hour glass,
time shall pass.
Through an awful gust of wind, the sand stings.
Some things fall from
these trees that grow to
the sky of blue, they are
the land’s hands, leaves and branches.
Support does. It does help.
Support melts, it melts the
wax on a candle stick.
The fire is yellow and thick.
Support is a wick, lit,
fired up and thick.
A tiny gust of wind,
so gentle, we can’t feel it
amongst our skin.
But it’s within,
Yes it’s in,
in effect and burning.
Slowly the candles shape descends.
Forming what a God intends.
Among this grace,
lit on our face.
A patience is made,
she prays: ‘Time on a wall’
Paint the shapes of time.
Hang it on the wall, call it: ‘time on a wall’.
Create a vision of seconds.
Each moment, circled.
Brush strokes and marks
of minutes.
Dabble in hours,
spread out over the
time covered.
Does it tell you something?
To me the motion sings.
Circled and circled and circled in swirls.
Painting time turned.
Where’s the wheel?
To me the motion sings.
Birds call.
Time on a wall.
Taken in. The feast of creation.
Made in the roots of salvation.
Tracks of turmoil.
Winds of swirls.
Singing girl, voice of a love, boiled.
Face of future insight.
Elaborated features.
Molded, covered in black silk.
Created in.
There is now a breeze through the sun lit sea.
God under water, breathes.
Roots from trees, weave.

Flavor from the facts of
poets in slumber.
I wonder if reviews, tell the same.
There was a whirlwind spin turning our way, yesterday.
Friends tend to do whatever, relaxed in leather, the windy weather.
There exists a moment,
a moment is about to begin. Birds sing.
Notes be truthful.
Journal be honest.
I write to achieve,
a placid well-being.
Winter takes my heart,
I’m steady, is that such a hand fact to follow?
Wonder be weary, never scary.
Keeping holy and joyful with folly.
Queen next to me,
Annunciation so quit merry.
Silent sigh, driven in heights.
Never felt fear,
never will in my air.
The arms of my body take care.
Bored with nothing.
Kept safe and delicate.
Watching everything.
Sipping apple tea.
Cold in history, written seasons of feelings withering.

Keep me driven safe.
Wheels made this way.
Keep this happening.
The thing that brings.
Carrying wisdom.
Holding thoughts here,
I bring more of them.
Here, there.
Keep me in touch, touch.
Keep me.
Artist in the dream.
Stained, starved and alarmed.
The one that arrives.
Always here, in sky’s.
In tunnels, all nervous.
Circles coming at me, neat perspective.
Entering the east side,
my mind feels at home, fine.
Relaxed near the bay,
a city about my vision.
Adulthood system.
Driving my car.
In tunnels,
dreaming of just baring
with corners and curves.
I do give what my sight deserves.
Quite and learning.
While the still sea became
emotional in sorrow and a dove
flew to the morning dew in the meadow,
we cried like mad strangers
in the wild mud of infancy.
Born from style.
Taken for awhile,
saw the beauty of a peaceful pond.
Now, live on.

Claiming wealth,
joined in debts and crafts of situations.
Followed by moist handshakes
and wasted time as nothing but a fill in.
Rolled onto a different location
made a mad influx of relations.

Great, old ways in a rainy day, playing cards
and learning of the one next to you and how they behave.
Do you get tired of life?
How the sleeping never arrives
or how the awakenings never are a surprise?

Note to a musician..
Where’d you get your energy?
There’s no energy.
Where’d you get your freedom?
There’s no freedom.
Jump over the city.
Let it known, that you pity. Let it out.
Let it be seen, your mind’s not free.
Did Energy, get you here?
Knowledge of fear.
One more year.
What’s going on in your ears?
What’s in the air?
Sorry storms of a season of cheer.
Where are your tears?
They should be falling in the next year.
Where’s the ground? Falling down.
Where’s your clown, you put down?
Jump the town.
Let it be known, that you’ve grown.
Let it be heard, play your songs.
Tell the titles and tell the words.
What’s wrong here, in my book?
As I lift my chin, higher and take a look.
Up late in morning sunlight.
Cooking crazy noodles
and fried stew and boiled fruit.
In open lands of open hands.
And in the distance of a beautiful friend.

Feelings through the days change.
Nights are filled with wishes and wants
come to you like a ton of bricks.
Galaxy of honor and love, remember me.
Set thee loose and understand me.
Remembering eyes, voices, words, gestures and cute things.
In rainy days, week days over and the weekend sails.
Work is all we give all our narrow time to.
Portions of matter surround in the air and makes us sick
and needs fresh air. Old love, won’t you ever become new?
I thought, for I was told, that people change; Does love too?

I’m tired and understand why, completely.
Abide in my love.
Man Alone.
Because you can,
rather than because you should.
You may find yourself.
Let’s start with your coffee maker, your computer,
your telephone…You probably don’t even
realize how many times a day you interact
with this bundle of silicon wafers.
Find out how what is arguably the most important
invention of our times have changed, and is changing, the way you will live tomorrow.
Life itself, I doubt I will ever forget.
Eat drink and be merry.
Feel, look and learn.
Encourage exploration.
Settle with me.
Stir up in the hearts of young people.
Community of love.
Open the heart to welcoming.
Rotational Back Stretch: Grasp an arm
of your chair with both hands and
gently rotate to the side.
Hold for a count of ten; switch sides.
Do two or three times to each side.
Decision making like this could
revolutionize public life.
Grow up in safe and supportive conditions.
Begin far and wide. Build a heritage.
Time and movement becomes one.
There is hurt. There is a cure.
Teens mourn, in memory.
Designs in the mind, empty line.
Medallions, exhibit.
Religious jewelry.
Relax and cover yourself.
Focus in our energy, into each other’s life.
Productive working environments.
The human body was not designed to sit!
Our spine has developed over the years
to carry our body in an upright, standing position.
Ninety-degree angle sitting creates stress on the vertebrae and discs in the spine.
Dust, dirt and grime.
A worker may fall from an elevated level.
Come on everybody.
Come on everyone.
We are going.
We’re going far.
We’re going to the place
Where we can see all the stars.
All the distance
that is said to be so far.
Come, come on.
Everyone in.
Let’s go, let’s go!
The ride to the place is about to go.
Everyone in?
Alright, so. How’s it been?
When a great tree falls,
a gap forms in the ground.
This is more growing space.
This is a space for other lives, rather than just one.
We all bite and are vicious at times.
Support is given in all areas.
Life is nourished.
Life travels far and wide for such a heritage.
In thorns and starting other colonies.
Learning about life on a river’s edge.
Intruding others.
Intruded and felt others.
A shape quick sense of travel.
A lizard walks on water to escape the death from a snake.
A humming bird lives life like its’ got all the time in the world.
We examine closely, flowers.
Fungus. Spiders, lizards, ants and humans, chimps and elephants.
The world we are in, we examine.
Spider monkeys in the air, tree to tree to be higher in the jungle
never free, never with any Buddha in heaven.

Morning, noon and night.
Too tired some evenings,
a branch maybe the only way to rest.
Leaves drift, and fall to waters and sit.
Feel the pull of the Earth and leaves the landing, gliding down a stream.
To kill is how the lives live on.
They need to eat.
Drip tips of leaves, makes sure the leaves stay dry and dry easily.
Views of water abuse.
Child and mild leaping lives scatter about beaches of tree branches for fruits.
A wasp’s whole family in a hut
could be destroyed by one rain shower.
One tad pole is God.
Released into a mountain’s mountain of space.
Developed into frogs all they know is murder and to kill for their next meal.
To find what would quickly fly away, they will strip of all life.
They need to eat.
The rest that is earned in sleep.

Can I justify my stance?
Early in the morning, alone on a dreary step.
Burning the roof of my mouth on coffee.
Watching the students, study as they walk to their next class.
The wonder of a few, makes eyes bruised.
Doing what Mother and Father said to do.
Energy in a parlor.
Rugs and flowers.
Can I imagine as we were told to.
Early in the day, watching the turning turn to a dull gold.
Blue and than green fades to pale white.
Beautiful and only appreciated
by us, the humans in need.
Sadness goes through me,
like the wind through a tree.
In shivers and shakes and still standing up straight,
other lives crawl and fly through me. I’ve lived a long life of peace.
Suddenly, I’m hurt, a deep thrusting man, made me a machine,

A family used to build nests in me often.
Grooved and shoes no one ever heard of.
Makes music now, it’s a good friend.
Happy again, laugh mad about something.
Life as being old, in control,
we are not so young anymore,
we are a different shade of gold.
The pale blue moon.
Attractive young body.
I could ship into.
Hair, I could suck on, toes to rub.
To make yourself beautiful, in front of me. To love me. To be happy.
I miss you the most of all.
Waiting awhile, but still no sign.
Early bird gets the worm,
standing above,
putting down the strong beak
and coming back up with a feast, a magical life easily, naturally torn.
Friends haven’t arrived.
I’ve been waiting awhile.
If we all see the sun in our eyes as heaven, we’ll live on and through a bright dawn.
Meeting with others to get to know about them.
Earning the passion, craved for.
Romance and a longing for beauty to look into.
Serious initiative or laughter and understanding.
You seem nice.
Sure I’ll meet you. I’ll be there.
I’ll show up.
Now I know, there is nothing to stop me and really.
Nothing to stop you, either.
Let’s join, meet again
and relive a feeling that could never end, again.
A hug, just a hug would revitalize my own.
My heart.
My feelings to live on.
Give in my longing.
Settle with me.
Forever feel me.
Never say, too much of a good thing is not a good thing.
You don’t have to earn me.
Settle with me.
I love you.
When the lights turn,
I’ll be on my way.
When the city lights burn,
close your eyes, let me take away your pain.
Let me cast it all away
and pray for you to live in comfort.
For you deserve the best,
and when the lights switch,
I’ll be on my way.
I’ll kick down fences and pull stars from the sky.

Let me get to you
and see how beautiful you are to me.
I am your friend. I am nature.
I will take your life, for mine.
In hopes you feel no harm, torture you in time.
I am your only friend, I’ve been sent.
Grew up in the country
where the rates here are the highest.
Wanting, thrive for and ask for.
Released out in thrusts and energy of relations.
Purity and misbehaved actions.
Feeling and talking.

Where is that dream we all were told of?
Where is the health?
What does it mean and why are we on different levels?
Wondering. I’m wondering, as a prime navigator of lonely days.
Where is my dream?
Do we all wonder?
The back of love stares at me in painted eyes.
Beautiful empty lives.
Asking why.
Beautiful, young cry.
We begin in such a weary sound from our mouths.
Spare me, lady, spare me.
Congratulations, dear.
You forgot me.
When dirt never seems to wash off, you live with it.
When the sun has never hidden itself, you never seem to think it even will.
So lonely in a small little unique city.
Measurements mean nothing, unless there is a compassion.
Music is nothing unless someone is listening.
Something is nothing if no one knows of it’s existence.
It’s a bad time.
Under arms of another not known.
Black birds in the white sky.

Bedrooms are never clean enough for the owner to show the visitor.
There were secrets and there is a secret.
There, there was mistrust.
Special kinds of touch.
Fate is all a child will feel in wind.
Counting pebbles on a small beach.
Painting pictures on a large canvas.
we bring out the heavens
that the Buddha holds.
Bring on the science of your silence.
Like God,
never showing face,
only a science of grace… Tell me in weary words
…on an old morning.
In the weary, there is Spring
and at anytime
it could happen.
It is anything.

A green sky watched us wash in the ferry.
Minding only what is on your mind.
Taken to a place of checkered floors;
Opened doors.
Mercy, mercy on me.
Shine a holy light on me.
Promises and dreams we share.
What is the way we are to be?
Mercy on me.
Wishing goodness to you, always.
Never thought it would end up like this.
It’s all I can do, is wish for goodness.
Wishing is all I can do.

A butterfly never becomes a larva again.
I never thought it would end up like this.
Time and movement become one.
There’s a great big old sun.
There’s a love.
There’s a love, for you.
Honestly in truth.
I’ll be here for you.
I’ll be here anytime for you, OK dear?
There’s a love for you somewhere.

And there is a grace I have feelings for.
A grace I can’t understand.
The laughter of man.
The fantastic stance in which we stand.
There is a tangerine hanging alone on a tree.
It doesn’t need my energy.
And there is comedy.
Elegant land creators and wooden chairs.
The sky has not spoken with me today, but acquaintances have.

A tangible ornate being with love in her heart.
An animal with the honesty to always crawl on it’s land’s
surface with pride and joy to be alive.

In wanting to be covered with the jewels.
I never got you back to see my new styles,
I try to live on showing off to others that don’t know how I was.
In, I’m in the waiting.
Oh, I’m in the waiting to attract another cat and have her meow. I attack.
Oh, oh now I know how all the stars formed, in the black.
Now I know how the land burned.
And now I’m just a pretender of a social butterfly in styles.
I try to unlock doors, with not a key in my fingers.
I washed off all of my hair
off my head, slowly
and now I don’t have my baby hairs.
And I just went by the place
I met you on that sunny day.

The strength of beauty and survival.
But the children want to play in the dirt and sand.
Kicking down fences and playing ‘house’.
All the children wish for happiness in great hours.
The road goes and curves.
I don’t know or I’m not sure what the road curves into, but
I’m not afraid, you know.
In the darkness and ever so slowly approaching a light.
When the still sea spins a fire and the water, turning to clouds expires,
and mass volumes of lives without voices become tired.
Colors of mad men hurt me and I’ve deserved it all.
Wasted water in a waterfall.
God, help me. My land has hurt me.
My hours are spent in precious circles and drawings to cure my earnings.
Barrels full and cardboard families carry plastic dolls.
The sun falls and the night’s sky covers all.

In the wait of the fat sun, it never comes.
Spring outfits and kneecaps.
Ankles and thighs that are veined,
blue, green and deep violets.
Into gross evenings, spending loyal time to view a scene.
A magical motion of music and being.

Temples of love, I search.
Temples of that small burrowing animal.
So docile in tranquil ceremonies of sleep.
Grips of avenues and main strip ways.
Trotting trolleys and mishaps.
Seated in a lost comfort of coffee
and will seems to be everything.
Even free, I still feel I must pay.
So harmed in my precious youth,
put away in a dialect,
a certain gross harmony between poetry and my own well-being.
Can’t say I’m alone.
Just don’t know who to choose.
Through speed ways and early days
and paved circus days,
settle with me, tell me, like
I’d love to be able to tell you.
I can’t really say I’m alone.
I just don’t know who to trust to stay with me.
Modern as me, looking.
Artful as me, searching.
Unique as me, dressing.
Just not aware,
I’m just not aware, maybe
as to how I will end up loving
someone, again.
I hope I do.
I love you and I want us to last together forever.
I’m in here, look for me.
My soul and my heart.
My arms and my hands.
Fences in fields and the distance between.
I can’t stand, the pain.
In my wind whirl.
I can’t stand, a pain,
In my wild world.
But I do stand it.
In a beautiful world, a girl and a boy.

Through a smiled difficult time,
In a weary happening.
Lost in the poetry of beauty and ugly inhabitants.
Grew up in a lonely mind.
Now left behind.
Spoken to in an enlightenment by a few, recently in jewels.
Merry situations of love and history.
Feelings missing.
Mindless systems of this testing… Orbit. Core of it.
Deja vu and questioning.
Hardened quarter is the order of our quizzed mystery.
Darkened floors from walking over, over and over, again..
Above clouds with birds on a sunny day.
Picnic manner
seated in a fury of grass.
Asked if you’d never forget me.
We’re all hungry.
Aren’t you?

The world of fillings
and sweet feelings.
Love and desire.
Mind and care.
We all have a natural form to change out of.
The body just moves.
Inner, out, most of us keep secrets
and our state of illusion grasps on to our metamorphosis.
The will to change and the pace to remain
is fully great.
Our systems turn off when we want
them to, our systems flick on when we want them to.
Also, we all die, we have no choice of that.
Love and desire is a part of life.
I watch through infinite closeness.
Turmoil strikes me and I study the
outside wishing to feel the insides.
Lips with words moving out of them.
Nostrils expand and eyes open.
A hand opens.
I toss you flowers
and watch you lift your dress and genuflect
in manners misunderstood in today’s culture.
Girl, turn to a lady and kiss the time away.
Master only your own degree of knowledge and than hold others in your arms.
Human nature is beautiful
only in the eyes of someone with experience,
Women, take your stride.

Stay. And help me to end the day.
I’m on my own now and I need you to help me down.
Down to a low brow, so I can sleep a sound.

And in the meantime, we could sit
and learn of each other’s own time.
Knowing, that my life isn’t growing on and I’m knowing,
that I guess my own way, through this and the next day.

Stay in my arms,
so you feel mine.
All I want is you to stay and
never part away.
Formed brushstrokes on the painting that seemed bodily.
Emptiness in the patterns and riddled between faith and flowers.
Cushions of a good friend to sleep on.
A lost paradise.
The land became, on a dreary day.
The connections of love had disconnected.
Feeling unwanted is an awful feeling.
The sky fell on my back and I fell to the ground.
The square of life turned into a circle.
The move was harmless, new paintings to hang.
What is going on, in my mind?
Neatness, neatness in everything.
A fear of getting old and a music maker in the rain.
Explode into a new diary,
a new address, a new boy, I am.
A man.
The move wasn’t bad. Old friend.
Lend me a hand.
What has been going on?
In minds reaction to the change of ones previous existence
takes toll on the character and mood of the individual.
Television means nothing.
I’d rather live the life of a cat.
Cry to the only pace walked in my face.
Meaning is everything only in the circles made of clay.
The paintings put away.
Covered in the play of another day.
Thank You, great ones live and live on as they are.
The steps are the only thing, they are
the only thing that prevents the vision to be
continued and passed on to the King.

I moved and took all that’s with me.
The room is vast, in the corner.
The roommates are around, never too near.
The change of place or pace, makes me grow.
I become frugal.

In deep Venus and starlight shines, energy is.

Inside my mind. Alone, much like yours,
dreary eyed in the lonely sky, making life
evenly I surprise, opening my mind, cries.

Wondering at the glare of a calendar.
Out of love and jewelling phone calls.
Trust and care, but I wonder in the air, so I drift and stare.
Influenced and influencing.
My name meaning something and living in the same place as a friend.
Singing songs about when things went wrong.
Time to sing another song.
Make me better.
Ideas so beautiful.
The slogan of our existence.
The older man in the embrace of the lady.
The happy.
Beauty and the young gathered around.
The wind will take your hat off your head.
Yes, we were having fun, young.
Yesterday in a few kisses, this girl speaks to me
endlessly, making a crown of flowers for self.
Beautiful red hair and white face, speaking on
how love works and how it doesn’t. She explores
herself in ways I’ve never seen a young girl do before.
The Arboretum in Jamaica Plains was nice in the sun, we
took dirt paths and had to rest at points in the grass.

Alone in a clean maroon and white room.
Waiting for comfort to take me.
Waiting to be taken to a place endlessly.

The eggs under a Mother bird.
Alone in my room, burnt from the want of success
and the bottoms of my feet sting with earthly pain.
The art on the corner.


A sober moment along the trees of a course
my Mother tells me she knows my feeling,
After I tell her I’m lonely.

For I’m in love, in times of us together.
You fire me, you shake your head to me.
For I was in love. My heart skips a beat.
Life has struck me, spending money.
But angels call and want love.
Beautiful with blinding color to the sky alive so well.
Young and alive, you are beautiful inside. Open your eyes wide.
Breathe and sip energy.
Old and informal in the long meadow.
Come on now let’s travel.
Carry me in jolly love full of folly.
Earn the worst outcome, for it shall be.
Earth is nurtured in the nature’s birth.
Formed to change, may rearrange at any
moment to now and to infinity.
Life has struck me.
Energy, Scenery, Memories.
Zero amount of any, only if one occurs before the other
and so on. Visiting others in special places
The sky moves on.
Forever and then some.
Beautiful teacher calls me and speaks so happy.
Me being the knight of all divinity.

I think there’s room for both of us here.

Today I started a new job.
It makes me rearrange what I took so long to build.
The perspectives, the colors and even the figures, all must change.
Now that years have gone by memories prevail.
Things I see, feel, hear and taste all must change.
Just an end, near to hear the change of a teenagers voice again.

There is a boy who laughs at the morning
sun and eats alone in his home out in the
forest away from anyone. One morning he woke
up. He just woke up.
A boy shares his insight and the fantasy he admires in the skin of females.
Brought and took along in bright eyes to your workplace and gave so much.
Independent soul with another than me,
identify me in an evening of your own
wanting me to give you peace.
Lovers with swords; Kiss.
Crashing in sounds only special music can create.
Wanting the sky to fall
with vengeance and feeling the air in even waves breeze on past your ears.
Hearing God.
Lovers in the wind; Holding.
Gliding in the feelings only the smooth music can bring.
Landing on cool winds, even ones like the spirit is
strong and you know it is.
It’s all about the groove of a creative soul continued on through youth
and throughout the present days of choice, jewels.

Friends come together.
Friends part.
From the similar thought of a journey to a lost heart.
Friends have all watched cartoons.
Inside of me is only me,
yet I’ve seen you and have loved you.
Never a copy, only a puppet world.
Art about our Kings.
Fences come together
in gates and metal branches
that only higher forces can penetrate.
Many talents in the minimal, crazy talents.
Too much practice in the paintings.
People and places.
Early bright afternoon.

To all my friends,
you’ve got my honor.
Set me free, history.
Past misery,
A distant memory. Friend’s tired eyes.
Lonely eyes in the man and young.
Life in a bridge and looking at the future.
A young lady
asks her friend if I should smile some more. I say I’ll try.
More of the winds, more the hair moves.
Rolling in the system, a number in this being.
Just walk away, old friend, old love, old one.
Water treatment, a treatment of gentle kinds.
Live wire in the mystic hour.
Alone and broke, hungry and like a stone.

Flipping through papers as pages full
of names and numbers, seeing faces and
hands and feet and breasts and waist
shapes and only alone, I get upset with myself.
Now when the leaves fall down
I think of us as being so old, now.
Grown apart.
I watched this all occur in ours; life is a big word, maybe just time.
I’ve watched this all accidentally occur in our time, in ours.
Now in mine, now in yours, now in only days, I turn.
Moving Grandmother out of Grandpa’s old home.
Sleeping her to a state of heavy food, I cry inside.
Friends call for only false reasons.
Breath of fantasy, earthling. I’ve walked miles, you have not.
Everyone let me go.
Come back to me with smiles
sometime later in your life.
Own my time.
Where does this leave us?
With the stairway to painted walls, I’ll never make that mood stay again.

I remember trying
oh, so much to have this known.
God be with me,
In asking.
Music and beautiful scents.
A five minute prayer.
Alive and well, owe me time, never getting up and going to bed.
Every piece of our moments together, all comes back to me.
Each in all and ten minutes fly by and I know I’m half way to seeing you.

Driving you and dreaming of you last night.
Making me write tonight.
Meet me in those ponds we used to pass. You do owe me time, don’t you?

Two candles burn.
One faster than the other.
The days have been going by fast.
I write in the dark,
nearly a bit of light.
Remembering teachers and
now listening to music.
Candles flicker with the beauty
of past history.
Alone, again, men.
We love you women.
The true ones.
Write; Remember; Teach; Hear; Gather; Expect and create the worship to excel in the
basic study of time decoration, towards which any means has entered it.
Today I’m hearing here
All alone in a place,
remembering a beautiful face.
Last night
I drove all
all the way home
to the lonely road
no one goes.
I fell in love with my stranger by my side.
As soon as I enter,
tonight we all will be in a place.
Remembering someone’s face.
Maybe we shall
all admit
to this
tomorrow night.
We’ll sleep and grow in it.
Does a solo act ever succeed?
In the darkest days, I pray.
To the winds of the sounds
Paint a picture.
Lay a rug down.
Laugh a little and cry allot.
Thinking about how I’ve got to never complain.
Clean. See the future glide into me.
Pass the microphone and speak my mind.
Help someone out.
Honey on the spoon dipped into the tea.
It’s odd when I believe I’m never to complain.
I’m to paint a scenery on a wall,
hidden behind a curtain and
have the children see what beauty if left in me.
Empty. Drained out, open your hands.

Every little piece of art, every little memory
of walking through that park.
That bridge someday, it’ll save my life.
But these are wishes and they never come true, unless you.
Unless you, want them to come true.
Alone in this great big world, only dreaming of places to meet up with you.
Is there goodness?
Oh, is there, is there?
Tell me there is and I’ll swim us there.
Bring my news, good news today.
Take me into your world,
it’s beautiful there, isn’t it?
I’ll take the public transportation to see you sometimes.
I’ll seek out all that’s been magic to your pretty brown eyes.
Take my hand
and lead me there.
I’ve got my eyes shut.
I’ve got my mind on the way
I’m going to feel.
So take it easy,
and give it back, sometime.
Call me at a strange hour.
Tell me it was nice to see me.
Call me, just to tell me,
you love me.
Just let me know,
so I can go.
Let my appearance, disappear.
Let my clouds reappear, everywhere, expect some rain in your air.
Dark morning, where did you get your eyes?
Speak to me in tongues of what love you’ve
got for me.
Make me laugh at your stories.

Clouds may tumble and crash, the sea may flood
and the game of life goes on.
A door locked can never be unlocked
Unless the key is fitting.
The sun rose early that morning
and I remembered sitting on my porch and knowing
its over, it’s all over. I smiled.

Remembering you kneeling with me.
How owls stare, is how I will remember you.
We all bleed.
Sweat and cry.
We are, are all born to die.
Sad but true, we are, are all here for that very same reason.
Some dwell on it more than others.

And what I’ve seen was an alien.
In my dreams, she left me.
Never once looking at me.
Quiet and docile, never once gave a moment to whom gave forever.
And all I saw was an alien.
All wrapped up in a skin that shaped out a maze, over and over again.
Over and over until my head spins,
she’s never looking at me again.
Now I’m remaining calm tonight,
with your charm or delicate nature far from me.
And what I feel like is an alien,
wrapped up in a safe box again.
Unwrapped and cults cut me up.
Burn candles in my name, again.
All I ask is, when will I be able to be dignified?
A little life in a flower grows.
Memory is all I will ever know.
I escaped and went on a vacation.
Where is all the money I had saved up in my pocket pants?
Let me wrap a little story up inside your head.
Let me tell you about it instead.
I heard from another, whom heard from
an other, who told another to tell me.
Vanity betrays and that’s all I seem to have been making.
Take me to another place.
Cover me with footsteps and print a vandal’s name in my fragile place.
Taste was all I had to give.
The picture never became, quiet or still.
I join to an obedient man.

There are washes of waves from here to the sky,
to make me wonder why, things have ended up the way they have.
Such as the ending of terms.
So sorry, burnt, kept in the mineral of hope.
Like a raft gliding down
stream from a pond of
destiny, a butterfly, flying and in a sail.
And the strong one with the oars
came abound and found a beautiful shore.
Children there would play,
some would fish, others would swim,
some played up near the cabin,
where roots would stub their toes.
And a moose was caught,
one early morning near the shore, Grandpa got a picture.
Identify me in your evening
wanting me to give you peace.
And peace I shall give to you.
The wide open sky outside,
collides with my meaning of life.
Yet inside, I ask stating, “Make me a wish and I’ll wish it”.
Waiting to be taken to a place endlessly.
In an area, I’m admired.
Winds they never seem to, dull down.
Curtains never seem to fall the way I see them to fall.
I’d like them to always be moving.
The winter becomes that way plus snow and I’m poor.
Make me a dish of food,
and I’ll let you watch me eat it, too.
You can admire me.
I admire you.

So negative that everything in the verbal
form of communication scares me.
Why work, when I can sell?
Just get rid of what takes up my place and nearly give it away.
When my heart pours into something, I can’t hold onto it unless it talks back to me.
The dregs of life.
The darkness of a sleep.
Finding only faith to hold together my day.
Green shadows take a shape of Jesus’ face.
All the honor, all the horror.
Life alone without a hand to hold.
A saxophone plays and the drummer taps on the
high hat perfectly placing the beat of life.
Babies in the birth of a new day, smiles a new change.

And what I’ve seen
was an alien
And in my dreams
She left me
Never once
Looking at me
Quiet and docile
Wrapped up
in a skin
shaped out
a maze
And I’m inside the burning candles
And my name’s here again
All around here again
And I’ll be able to
be dignified.
Help, inside.
Dear torment of which I’m so concerned.
Escape from me and join with me in laughs from a distance,
in future endeavors, I ask in a pardon, then with a please.
The chemistry of being happy.
Gothic animals, toothless and hungry.
Mysterious in growth of harmony.
Every day, a bit more as each day goes away,
sixty seconds goes by of every minute.
An entrance lifts us up to a cologne smelled floor, based of strings
and pre-operatic history.
The ruins of chemistry to being happy.

Place the sign of Jupiter on my left thumb.
Enter a place horses only exist and act on a fence
and watch them hop over you.
I carry on, in the sanctify.
I lost my ring.
The sounds in music and a long wait is ahead.
Pleasure of atmosphere.
Only you and I know what’s behind us.
Trees, streets, trees, streets and more trees.
A pond of some sorts, dead man falling into ice.
Let the day go away.
We know the only way we like to be held.
Only you and I know what’s between us.
Driving me. Trouble finding me.
A fearful dog is your neighbor.
Unkempt and in rags.
To be in a world of yellow.
To smile at the entrance of blue.
To have meanings and being stable in the up and coming seasons.
State, state, you can state your abstract theory of the life in closed diaries.

Give photos, films and books in alphabetical order.
Oldness in the new and creative jewels
are tossed from the top floor of abuse.
Tied to nothing,
but always pulling and tugging
to get loose from what’s happening.
Turn the wheel with what ever energy you got.
Entertain the evening crowd and move ahead.
Place a stone in the palm of your hand and believe in it.
Prance and dance and have a retrospective in mind.
Pray and fly and have good time in your life.
Feeling the better days, no matter how it hurts.
You are a mountain’s grace.
You’re understanding.
You’re standing.
The over crowded sight.
The scream and voice of the alive and well.
To spin into the next form of scenery,
to ask of nothing, nothing except
the bleeding love I know forms in you.
Wonderland seems to have drifted from the sands!
A growl from a man in brushes and keeping warm from cold, says:
Gel up the parts that feel good.
Rub up near me.
A lady in stocking.
Calling and asking.
Groove with the seasonal homage.
Not any time she says:
Go now, for there maybe not time later.
A playful image takes place.
Her body in an embrace.
Hearing the trip of tomorrow.
Fearing the honesty.
Never had the reason,
why it all fell through for you.
Under the fact, that I’ve discovered
the reason,
the only thing I regret is all the
times I was there for you.
Maybe the sky
may fall through.
I was given no reason,
except for her changes.
Gel up the parts I like.
Rub up against me,
in drifting love.
In digging deep,
deep into my well.
And all I find is dust.
I’m on a worshipped piece of land,
digging in, and I cry.
Blood from my eyes.
Keys to unlock my surprise.
Pills to kill the pain inside.
In digging deep,
deep to an arrest.
And learning from the best.
Voices and creations.
I pull up nothing except dust,
piles full and I cry.
On the highway, I’d get lonely.
On the side streets I’d pull over,
hide away and talk to myself.
Maze like and in the evening.
Cold in the shivers and needing old arms around me.
Black cars are what we are driving in.
Beautiful flowers are all that’s waiting.
Stems, leaves and blooming ones are all.
I understand you, I understand you.
And the things that you do, they’re true, they are true.
I understand you and all things that you prove.
I understand truth, I understand you,
and all the senseless things that you do.
And it’s true, it’s true.
Fiddle the truth, the truth.
I understand you,
and you and you,
and all things that you do, that you do
that you do and get done with the
knowledge of truth.
I’m in you.
I’m in you, not to abuse, only to profile a groove.
I understand you
and all the things that you do.
Fiddle lou,
fiddle lou.
La, La, La, fits are turned to truth.
Well, what are we going to do today?
Fiddle with the truth and what are you going to do?
Still understand you,
in my youth,
in my truth,
in the near end of a breakdown groove.
I see myself in you. Namaste.

I seem to be in you,
trying to become you.
And it’s just not happening.
I need your love.
Your hair will be on fire.
The street’s desire.
The lonely man in the train,
Mumbles something
about not talking to anyone in months.
Out and along the way
lives a family and a child to play.
The winter is foul with green water
and the evening is white with innocence.
There’s always a chance to escape it.
The moonlight has not given, enough to be bitten.
The never, ever ending, takes toll on us and we are blending.
The streets are meanings and they are sent
to simply send us traveling to a point of being.
The lake has a log sticking up out of the water’s lawn.
they climb on,
to catch the sun as they live on.
The surface of the sky,
has no eyes.
With the surprise of the fallen sky and the intense cry,
we hear the cheer of a lonely man in awful years.
What makes him move on?
What makes him live to a dawn?
The world of directions and miscommunications,
we rub our eyes out and hold in our palms.
To wake up in the early dawn.
Do you know me? Let me introduce myself.
I’m a man of swords,
put away for the battle day.
I’m a man of discs,
held in front of chest,
as like armor, protection.
Shield of great triumphs,
downfalls and passions.
I’m a traveler,
clean and in need of
another such knight
to help me all through
this awful lively abuse.
Alone a fury in it’s own.
All alone, a fury on its own.
To live a life, day to day, night to night,
a wisdom is gone for such admiration
to find another love.
I remember standing alone,
in my red jacket,
out grown, thinking as I watch my love
walk away, “There goes my love.”
An awful sight.
It may of been a warm afternoon.
Old motions and kind notions.
There’s even a packet of napkins
and half smoked package of cigarettes,
a poem, too. Folded up.
There’s a stained carpet,
out on the sidewalk.
There’s an old garage
and new music.
There’s a gathering
and marriage and
a cheap Italian
crushing his grapes
for wine. Odd times.
There’s a sofa for a bed.
A wine list, unsaid.
There’s a waitress
and the hair on her head.
There’s a crippled man alive half dead in bed.
There’s a broke man.
There’s a man going insane.
There’s a human without friends,
there’s a human with relatives.
And there’s no room.

There’s a memory
and delight spread unevenly
through out the air tonight.
Even a glance of snow
and a Christmas glow.
The other day I watched the way a
tree shivered in the wind along the wharf.
It just always stayed there.
It’s roots held it down.
The branches moved to the push of the wind and everything stood right were it was.
The body of the tree was there and always will be.
Prayer may be the only answer.
Hands on the bottoms of your arms.
Fun for all your children, cold and in their time of year.
Golden times and ancient rhythms.
Slay bells ring everywhere.
Joy in the season of every air.
All that we see
is what we all may see.
Memory tears.
Hope for the worst and receive the best
Slay bells ring in the air.
Bounty-like beauty is all we share.
A special time is here. Just lost in memory tears.
Hope for the best,
burn the forest of memories.

You are heaven.
You’re all of this.
You are coming to all this.

You are unlike me, we said back to each,
well, you’re loosing me.
Someday you’ll understand this,
You love him, you, your only reason.
You try to stay away, from me, huh?
You try to stay,
you try to stay far from me.
I understand, too.
You were adored.
I had a dream of a hotel in the sunny part of the world.
A walk way so bright, with a passion for owners.
I had a dream of a hotel way.

In experience, that hurt for so long,
so long, even in today.
I focus on the first thing,
the bee sting.
Abstract disconnection,
did I happen to mention, the pain you’ve put me in?
What are you, to me?
Who are you, in your own words,
out of the mouth, I had kissed.
You turned into someone else.
All over the big mountains.
Flew like a bird or two.
All over the lands,
wide swept span.
Took myself for granted.
I took myself, away.
You didn’t want me anyway.
I was touched by an angel,
hand and arms held me.
I felt like a child.
Young and clean.
On and on, as the world moves on.
This is all here,
done with, over with,
This world.
Christ has been born,
the world makes a turn.
The jewels are yours.
A King with his friends travel.
The desert, the gesture.
Accidentally taken.
Tangible proof may amount to too much.
Zodiac Zoology exhibition.
God saves me.
Through these lights of my day.
Hygiene, asphalt.
Audible and careless.
Come to my place and I’ll show you heaven.
Climb over me and kneel on the wood I gave you, before you even existed.
Lick my hair and part it the way you want it.
Wear my pants
and let’s go out for a dance.
The desert has animals that kill you.
There is stormy weather and
a lady in leather
and a foolish young man
with allot of money and wearing old man
glasses and lives out of the melody of harmony.
The Summer day, I remember well.
Cold in my bed and ashamed.
I just want my own private home,
do those strange things, alone.
The Fall here was nice.
It glides into peace, into the ground.
Tolls never given.
Lips never either.
Only lips quiver and tongue wither.
Words tease and
old ones never need the pretty season.
Capital sitter, tastes bitter.
Young men in perfect skin, we
Young and merry, smoking, drinking,
being what relaxation gives me.
In 58 languages, the pope comments on
the disturbing developments coming
from the television, newspapers and tragic
situations from one hemisphere to the next.
Productions and sales of firearms.
The death penalty.
The pope, 78 years old says to
‘restrain’ the bloodied hand of those
responsible for genocide and crimes of war.
He had the flu and a fever.
To defend human life.
Abortion and euthanasia.
Tormented situations in the mid east.
The great Jubilee of opening
the doors, basilica doors. Pope
John Paul II, would do the
inauguration of the doors.
Prayers and silence in Rome in
St. Peter’s, the new Year is near.
I wonder, I myself, wonder
how powerful prayer is for the
globe and how it is compared to
prayer for one’s own.
There are two worlds.
Your own
and your neighbors.
Clever way of thinking.
It’s something like this.
You control yours
and they control theirs.
Anything, anything in between has to be justified.
I remember everything.
Enter the birth of a new baby.
Skin all around thee.
Beautiful shaped girl.
Blood as water, moving, like the sky.
The sky’s dove, the love, the hugs.

American troops.
Biological incidents.
Vaccinate. Germs.
Modern Warfare.
Tranquility Woman.
Uprooted weapon scientists.
Traditional killers seem to be a
growing danger right now, she called them
“a monster in the backyard”.
Diplomat pressure.
What do they say
when they all go home?
What do they say when they get into bed?
What do they say to their husbands?
Requests on the radio.
Television sets bleeding,
talk show hosts teething.
Tangled courts played in.
Tell all your stories to me.
Green trees.
Wash all the air for me.
The sun here makes me grow, grow and grow.

Rivers flow all about through the early
education, not to mention the best and
most adored, calls in the blindness
of infinity and travel.
The meadow is bug-less and the end of
now and the moment before started again.
The future of what that means,
I don’t know what I meant. By
the calming notion of my calling over and
over again. Beauty and bounty was all
and I tell you Now, I’ve been through
tough times. Maine memory.
Yet I want to dance the night away.
I want to breathe thee holy evening.
Turn rivers to ponds and report only what
enters my vision, which could easily
be yours too.
My fish line is hooked and it has been
now. My temper is around. My awful
memories are gone.
Center me in between, what you mean to me. Innocence and a digest of every day.

Fortunes and grooves
and the blindness is soothed
by good friend news
Days hurt and nights even worse.
Take a photo man, it’ll last longer.
The tide washes us away like sand.
After this, I couldn’t take anymore.
The planets never a-line the way I need them to.
The world whispers me a tone.
Musical and boring. There’s never any performance.
I eat my heart out.
And you save your life.
And you live your life.
All your life,
you never seemed to see
how love was given to you.
It’s time to have fun.
It’s time to find a girlfriend and laugh out loud.
The park was dark
The sheets, bleak.
We had only our flesh to eat and nothing but swords to kill each other with.
I sat in a milk filled dish.
To mythology and the uneven hung bells.
Candy-like parts and adorable feet.
Hair on the back of animal’s coat.
Trends and an ink’s mistake.
I’m so old.
To mythology and the uneven hanging bells.
Children of hills.
Streets of country names.
She feels warm now, I bet.
She used to see me.
I know.
Your smile is pretty.
I’m too cute for everybody else.
Park your car, your new white car.
Terrible hearts in the city. Bleeding hearts.
Have you got your plan?
New York City in the love of the brothers.

Pears fall from the trees, and we hear the mindless
breathe, alone I see.
Only to be, with me in endless freedom and endless love.

North end winds are killing me.
Coldest day ever. It’s the cold day, ever again.
Can’t keep on,
if there isn’t going to be any dawn.
Can’t move about,
unless there is a place to stay down south.
Moving it along.
All along, to that dark dawn, sunlight fades.
Easy, it becomes of nothing.
Go easy, never stare into the sun too long.
Can’t keep holding on, it’s all too hard.
I want to sleep all the time.
Life as a song.
The dark blue, nearly green
waters wave in rippled bye byes.
Where is it all going?
Moving all slow and the land never
seems to come along.
All along to that darkened dawn,
I hold on,
to what life has
I touch the sky
with my heart
open up and let all fall out.
The red distance,
cooled in the jewel blue
of the clouds and sky.
Hills of warmth,
trees stick up and buildings appear.
The red, distant eye escape.
The cold.
The snow.
Evenly we know, the traveler is getting old
and needs health to turn the path around.
Is this all a dream to us?
Is this all a coldness I touch?
When a Mother gives her touch,
when a Mother gives her love
When a Mother, is a Mother and that is all,
and that is all she can do, there is love.
When a Mother is there, there is love.
The weary speak in a quiet voice.
Over the phone,
turning around
into the new year, a digital year.
The two of us alone now,
throw out our past and speak up loud.
The seasons love.
The fun, the ugly sun.
Don’t forget how I gave my best before giving
my worst.
I’m from a little boy world, girl.
Want to join, bubbled beach blond?
You are my hero, brought down from up above and sitting down on me, warm.
The two of us, go and we watch each other go.
The two of us, gone and see we are.
I need you, I need you.
Only you.
My shadow is all I’ve got.
Through a desert of fancy.
All has an end,
yet all has a beginning, again.
Lost in the tumble of things, wanting sleep and only sleep, next to a lady.
Warm and wanting me.

Through a desert of fancy.
All has an ending and all has a beginning, all over again.
Lost in the tumbles of life.
The clutter of life.
The bed of roses.
The womb of love.
Singing all these stories, a forgotten history.

Singing blue note visionaries
All the while the laughers cry.
Did I forget to mention.
What I need is what they are selling.
Memories erased.
A frontier and huge bear.
Hospital, got the band-aids.
Cafe’s got the sugar.
America structured for you.
American eyes in the sky, struck down hard.
A vision to change lives.
All the while the laughers cry.
Gripping to gifts like they are all they’ve got.
A resolution.
A solution to repeating what you want and don’t want.
Everything seems so bright under the star light, tonight my good friend in twilight.

My heart is made of steel.
So I must need a crusher to take my life.
Happenings happen and you throw away everything.
Thunder is your blood in your veins and your heart needs my love.
A quick minute in the sky.
A long peaceful sun drops through mind.
Digging my resolution.
How am I? I; Myself, to deal with this.
Just sit alone and deal with it. Become, congratulated and held.
Be there for me.
I’m plenty of what you need.
I’m honest and feel your
son teething.
Do you climb?
Do you search on your hands and
knees and feet
and pick your chin up
and weep for what you used to have shining
Open the doors.
Open them,
they’ve been closed for so long
and I’m here for you.
Especially escape
and joy.
Under the three of us, you shall be fine.
I am the future.
Escape is life.
Joy is what you search for.
Buddha would of hired me to be his.
I don’t know what you need from me and that’s what makes me forget about you.
It’s strange how something can mean so much at one time of your life.

Without the movement,
there is no time existing, studied,
ignored, loved, played with or touched.
The only
is the only
and that’s
all you’ve got to live for.
It’s cold outside.
It’s probably really cold
near you.
Came far,
far from where you’re from.
I became very honest, back to the bed I grew in for energy.
One more day off,
that’s all I need.
One more day, that’s all.
Can you feel me say,
I could never live up to what you want?
I figure out, along with you,
that happiness is in the end of sadness.
Maverick Sq. police
inside the trains
take me to the little pond I grew up on.
I’ve lost myself.
I’ve lost myself, again.
Take me to another place
and arrest me to the fence.
Maverick police, inside of me, yes.
I will protest.
I will go to the top of the mountain’s landing and dive down to that pond.
I’m all gone.
I’ve lost myself, all over again.
Take a massive amount of my arrest, yes.
I’ll loose my mind, tearing down the last crowd.
I’ll be the soundless, sound.
I’ll be around.
I’ll be the soundless crowd.
Not yelling loud, but knowing my all.
I’m all gone.
I had a dream,
but it isn’t with me.
I had a memory,
but it has escaped me.
A beautiful face stays in the memory of a poet.
My body rests.
Walking and riding a long ways.
I wish my love back.
Beautiful face all gone.
Jumped on and kicked over my fence.
Beautiful face soothed in smoothed inner skin.
Lips, nose, eyes and ears and hair, tossed.

Blinking, staring, teeth and tongue and birth marks.
Pores and hair, tweezed and getting old.
Her mom is beautiful, too.
What made you grab me and squeeze out
all of what could of been so much energy, coming out of you?
From me long periods of time before, sun lights to change
to the blank ten minutes of pleasures seeking into release the passion.
Words and belongings, attacked and given,
bloody mess. Singing in pain, entering,
coming out and in again.
Care, just isn’t there,
unless I give into giving up something
and then it really isn’t really care, is it?
I wonder
if they’ll dig us up someday.
I wonder
if they’ll care,
I wonder if it will be there,
unless I give into giving up
It’s just our human nature to part
from where we are told we come from.
A human has to feel belonging to something.
I and you, never lost control,
unless that you count that time we cried and I was tired
and we didn’t really want to fight.
Sweetest friend,
will you stay with me until the end?
I wear this dream
on my head and full of tears, my eyes sting.
You were someone else,
after years, I thought you
were someone different.
You can have all of my life,
I wanted you to be my wife.
If I could start again, years and years ago,
I would let myself start, start again, all over again.
When you live up in where the rain falls, there is a big God.
He hovers over you.
He touches your spirit.
Near the crisp edge of time,
I’m lost and can’t find my way home.
Closed all memory gates.
Closed up all the exits, and look, I’ve felt the star’s presence.
Fire and desire.
Tired and with a lady who is a crier.
When all the still waves
rumble in honor
and the singer finds energy
in the
middle of the ending of the song.
When the
closed doors,
never reopen,
you know
You’re in a success.
The fire out in your hands.
The desire is built back and things are put in their place.
Hey lady, take me in your arms.
Tell me you love me and want me all the time.
Obsessed in the evening and early morning.
Tell me a story and make us a part of it.
What does it take to see through you
and get to the point of getting over you?
I thought I was respected.
I thought I had it all.
I thought I had everything.
Beyond me
and free,
you are, are you really?
How does it feel to
abandon me like that?
How does it feel to let me stay, as you walk away?
Now I stand here waiting. I got tired and now I’m seated,
fell asleep after all the time waiting, was wasted.
All of this is just too much. All of it, it’s all just way too much.
Fishing through my belongings and I can’t find what I belong to.
Kept everything in order,
now I just can’t find the doors,
nor the keys to them
or the hands to hold them.
Inside of a mind,
Alone all the time,
yet a friend listens in on this,
so I can expand out of this,
I’ll have to change it.
I’m everything alone.
I’m a doll on a shelf
and got no wealth.
I’m a box in a corner,
a lighter and a piece of paper.
I’m an escapist,
a radical and an impressionist.
This is all I’ve ever known.

Rain, wash me away.
Rain, wash away my pain.
Rain, wash away who I think I am.
Rain, wash my body softly.
I feel like I was a long time ago.
thoughtful, full and soft.
I got everything together, still nothing seemed
in it’s right place.
I got what I needed, together at least.
Left and Returned.
Settled, slept and
well, I did it all over again.
Got dressed,
to the weather, then
Locked the doors behind me,
left and returned.
Settled, enjoyed life and
slept, I then tried to do it all over again
but I had to do it all
in a different sequence.
Rain, take away my stains.
Truck me your love.
Evenly bring me, Your hands.
Your love, your lips puckered up and your love just bring it back, strong.
Driven behind you.
Your love.
I miss you.
Truck your love. Evenly,
bring your love back to me.
Truck your love to me.
Easily, being,
star-like and breathing.
Through with me?
The putting of the past away is hard for
me, especially when my past is thought of
as being so beautiful.
Maybe it has not been so beautiful and say
it’s been horrible and ugly with depression
and confusion, would it then be able to be
easy, to put that past away? Most likely, do you believe?
I drove,
and learned nothing
to burn.
Sorrow is all I gained with loss of love,
and I’m not proud of it.
I just want to sit away, alone,
like I’ve watched my Father doing.
I just wish to sleep
in silence for months at a
time and wake up real
hot and ready to consider
the world as a place to live in.
The passion for all of this exists,
it’s just that to live with myself
is a King’s mission.
My castle needs to be pleased.
My world is a star,
burning ever so far away.
I’ve seen what I opened my eyes to.
I’ve heard what I had to,
by standing in the space I stood in.
I’ve hidden away,
what I wanted to hide.
I’ve been with who,
I wanted to be with.
I’ve been alone,
when I wanted to be.
I’ve touched my touchable soul,
when it was considered untouchable.
I’ve watched what I wanted to watch.
I’ve talked to whom,
I wanted to speak to.
I’ve written what I wanted to write.
I’ve fought with whom I didn’t want to fight.
I’ve cried nights,
I didn’t want to cry.
I’ve slept with hurt, heart broken
I’ve slept, in power and control of myself.
How should I end all of this?
Should I call getting a pick up,
or should I fly
like a bird, south bound, alone
in the fury of myself
and because I never could
hold my own and stay on my 2 feet.
The world scares me, deeply.
Yet, I never show it
and I call all my friends in the same voice,
letters in the same style
and handshakes with
the same strength grip.
Sadness in the voice,
and the misfits in my brain
escape and whisper
insane scenes to me.

There is a free shower in the trees tonight
and there are free towels in the morning.
There is a live recording at midnight.
A slide in the park, there’s
a bat in the dark and a hobby that falls
apart and leaves the hobbyist left sad,
yet glad to be doing the job.
There’s ice hanging down from the roof.
There’s a lonely little cute boy, that loves you.
There’s many of what we need,
don’t worry.
Take what you need.
There’s a flavor, you enjoy, I know.
Written tears in secret pain.
A widow with children,
no pain.
Asking for a man, a woman talks on the phone.
She is all alone
and she needs a man to hold.
Written tears about a pain of secrets.
Calmed down by the experiences of life,
that we know, we know all got
that problem so.
Put past away and move on to another day.
People don’t always want you.
Put the hurt aside
and move to another time.
You have all the reason to, also.
Written out for the simple reason,
tears they fall out
of my eyes this way.
I can’t even go and see you this way.
What am I going to go do?
Not much to talk about.
If you have ever been about
to climb aboard a plane
and found you’re late,
just the facts of life.
We all
never get it right.
We all just try.
We all just try and try again some more.
What keeps us hidden aside.
Not much to pass back and forth.
Not much time
sit around do anything.
There’s just no more
spare times.
But a person like me doesn’t mind.
Yea, a man like me,
holds his time.
I’m just
standing with my head up
and I can’t figure
out just much,
but I know I feel real, real
Slide me inside
and take what all
may feel our time.
Slip me within
and take what I have given
in pushes and thrusts.
Hold me awhile
and really ask me for more,
which makes me fall to the floor.
Slide me inside
and take what all
may feel our time.
Slip me within
and take all what I have given.
Pushes and thrusts
Hold me awhile, it’s a must.
Asking me for some more,
knock me to the floor.
Slide me inside, take what all may feel our time.
Simply, slip me within and never let me with go.
I’ve traveled to places of amazement and full
gratitude. I’ve paid my bills, my debts, my
respects and gotten back no receipts, that means
I’ll never get back the money, the debts or the
respect I’ve dealt with. The world is odd
and the one who lived in it is odder.
The clouds have nothing to do with us. The bull in the heavens
is only a fairy tale and we are the story tellers.
We swore over an oath and we are.
I loved her like a monster,
I used to love her like a lover.
but now I send her downer letters
and tell her how I miss her.
I loved her like a monster.
I’m a monster. She’s only scared of me.
I’m in her dreams, only scary ones.
I’m never near her anymore,
some other monster is,
I don’t know why. I’m a monster.
I love her as I am. Missing her.
Living for her,
until I’m dead.
I’ll always be a monster, loving her.

Is this all up to me?,
For you to see,
and understand all I write to show you
how close I am
and how close you can get?
I feel nothing
to express this, alone with
that I call ‘all’.
Memories never go away.
Memories never go,
only humans do
because we loose each other in the
love pool.
It has screwed us again.
This pool of kisses and hugs
and never getting over
a loss of love.
I have been in a self-abuse,
that is my own clue to
my own future use.
I am all of what I do.
I never shine out to you,
like I used to.
I miss you.
I love you,
but you’ve forgotten,
so I’m to do nothing but move on.
And so I just do nothing,
like this world is a jail.
Feed myself and sleep myself down
to another dream,
I get all hung up on my scene.
The washing sky hurt my eyes
to see your Daddy working in the garden.
To watch him bent over the garden of his,
and watch him using his hands.
In the darkest secret of all,
I cry out the most crucial moment to explain everything.
The cry isn’t direct, or simple it’s distorted and abstract.
The friend in the black history.
To feel you by my side, to know you in my life.
Then the fear of drowning becomes real.
The city of lights blinding my children.
Will you pray for me, give me your care and write me a letter?

I see your face in every thought I’m in.
I feel your legs in every knife I cut my hand with.
I will do anything for you.
You’re my life and I don’t know how to live with you.
Doing time in the mind of a lonely crime.
Just to get close, often into you.
Just to have you believe in me.
My spirit is in clouds,
too far for you
or I to touch
I must say farewell and good-bye.
And the sun drops and
I slip away.
Another day gone in and out of
my finger tips.
Another day. Another night, heads on my way.
And I am trained, trained to obey,
trained to obey to
what the moon has to say.
And I am away. Far away.
A way you’ll never go,

So far from home.
And I watch the sun slip away.
I’m at a loss.
Sturdy and
falling apart,
ever so slowly,
day after night, apart.
Another moment has to pass.
How can I last?
How can I be
without you?
And another moment has passed.
And am I,
the last?
Will you ever be my past?
Is that all you wanted?
Are you for sure?
Are you a star,
burning out,
away, so far?
Are you another crashed car?
Totaled and I’m for sure.
You are,
A crashed car and a burnt out star.
I’m for sure,
You are my past.
You are my last.
And I watched
another moment fade away,
it’s a color of red.
seem to happen too
I stay on coffee
and watch the cafe die down
Can’t you see?

What she has done to me?
Can’t you, can’t you see the problems she has given to me?
She used to only wear black.
And now I see her in white.
Up and up away.
To a cloud.
falls away.
We hold each other
and we fade to the gray
I find a reason

Closer To You
watching the stars
never move
healing the scars
hurt and bruised
missing the life
young and groomed
dancing with light
close to you
feeling you move
I love you
should it so soothe?
music cures
my feeling’s blue
sandy shores
crashing waves draw
I, closer to you
Don’t. Don’t leave me.
Just Don’t.
My Face would never smile again.
My river vision of love for you
would run dry. I want to dance,
dance and dance with you
and make love in the room
of yours tonight,
only in the hug of sleep together.

My monster of a truck rides on, So.
The highway seems to go too fast.
We wish for things we don’t have.
Slow old music,
listened to once again.
Numbers mean somewhat everything.
Your eyes love me more than ever,
I feel. I feel the roads split.
You may no longer exist.
I am at sidewalks, waiting.
Crumbled up.
Early Morning flight…
hardly near insight…
When I look out
at the bright grey blue sky
out of the airplane,
my eyes pain,
into the center of my eye balls,
pain I know a good friend can take away.
Soon I am in the air with a rumble share.
Head back and unlocked care,
a risk to get there.
Noon to Evening,
I know they’ll be there. Beautiful…waiting.
Young and my age.
Clean and refined…
so earnest in her time. Sits close and calm and remote…
So glad to see you, been awhile,
you look familiar.
Too many poems to know.
Too many poems to know.
Too many poems and I know I’ll never glow,
like the light I love to know,
married in silence,
I drink the water
from the fountain.
My world, it is tarnished
in your love.
Your care, your air of darling marrow,
I dig deep to nourish on.
Song written twenty 26 days after the first day of a new millennium
you’re gonna be fine…
I watched a light man copy me
here are all the sky ways
love and darkness
and long
a hearing that you’ll be fine…
love’s gonna move on-
under the sky
Paused Atmosphere
Hearing rain drops.
Waiting for the pause,
but it never stops.
Like the movement of the world,
like the dancing girl.
filled with clouds.
My dog sits for me and I study his paws.
The meanings are clear.
The eye with the tear,
the man in the mirror.
Drawing, making a mess.
Carving, printing.
Talking, listening.
The eye holds a tear.
It rained after the whole sky
turned gray and
purple black covered the atmosphere.

Amazing pumped-
in awe and with the past-
and with the future-
tamed. under another wonder-
To share an Olympic moment, to be special
and doing everything a person could
as humanly possible with what deeds to be done-
to share happy feelings and Thank the colors and
Greet the shades and remote the wild
and energize the weary and amaze the pumped one,
even more, more and more-
to achieve what is intended
and yearn for what it bleeds.
Never forever, but
for now, to make us live on.

I prayed in my dance.
I watched in light, the shadow appear.
These eyes, open and lay near me so close.
Now closer, the lover is an is quiet.
Repeating kisses, like the one you and your clouds share.
So powerful in nature, music and in
attractive vapor.
I pushed a long day away, a few nights ago.
I danced in a flower.
Mountains grew near and I flew so far away
in the air.
I was royal, clean, and alive.
My hands became together with the sky, at my
chest, under my chin.
I bow in love, your presence. Sweet one, loving.

Future of Humanity
We all shall be,
in a world of peace.
We all will feel the power of peace.
We all will forget the facts of negativity.
We all shall eat and drink,
think together,
blink our eyes,
sink our memories,
jinx our own feelings.
Threaten all the madness,
Treat our comfort to all that
means friendship.
Peacefulness, I sit alone
and watch the birds
I am far from home
above me I see you fly down… so
I am not alone
and I watch you feel earned
My sky burns
only to have my eyes turned
You leave so fast
and I am in a world
People and mass destruction
I go again and sit alone
and I wonder
why you left me
I wonder about this deeply
You didn’t return
but flowers did
that spring
I remember
peace, I surrender

The Good Boy on the Ground
Dreaming of a day dream,
when I’ve seen the sky storm a blue
of feelings onto the street,
onto the ground,
onto the rocks I’ve found.
I’ve got things I can’t say.
I’ve got to get rid of them.
I’m going to have to pay?
I’m a good boy.
will I go to Heaven?
Please, don’t look me up.
Please, don’t follow me around
I’m too busy,
looking up to the sky,
while standing on the ground.
I want to float around. I want to move about.

Mother, I love you
like the fruit grows trees
on trees and honey in bees.
Dishes and dishware, warm
smiles and happy miles.
Mother, I love you here
Even though the end is near,
while we are getting old.
My days are told to grow.
Mother, I love you so-
even though, the wind
pushes snow and the food is cold
and the money is low
my heart beats red
and I look to you,
for only to be held in a hold-
Mother, I love you
more than this language
could develop a red rose.

Good Lord, show me the way-
though I know these paths you show me,
I need your guidance- direction-
warmth and salvation.
Live in me dear Christ, I trust you
and only you, for my life is in need of you
always and forever.
These people you bring into my life
and these children you raise-
God bless them all- show us the way
dear Jesus, I am with you.

Summer gives and never takes
Under the sun that holds lovers together.
Moments of memories and glorious times
Memories of moments and times of glory.
Everyone has at least one moment they remember
Remembering family being together or laughter as well.
Times to make us warm again
In a beach sand castle lives a young child of creation
Me and

May 2003
Sitting in front of the TV
so much fun
so many colors
so many tears
full of fear
killed by an electric light
Never wanting to fight
or wanting to stop the fight
Never stopping the fight,
violence and recklessness
Sitting together,
one next to the other,
the other next to one.
Flying downward,
See awkward,
living lost and loved
Figures dance and romance with love,
Figures die in dust and lay dead like rugs.

June 2004
The Color Purple
Passion becomes and enlightens in
and out of the sky and both our hearts-
who are honest and true
like wine we are
and berries on the vine
to all who are waiting to be heard
and to care
to share and be patient
listen to them
listen to them in flowers
and girl’s hair,
you are romantic
keep it going
oh well…
I will, like the majesty of mountains
and the grandeur of what it takes
This is thee only color
that ‘becomes’ between that of violet and red lavender
like the flowers in my garden
lavender in my grandmother’s closet
born in the purple dignity
used in composition
like when red predominates and love prevails
oh the saturation of a kiss or the numerous shades, I belong
They stood together like the world trade towers
Hand in Hand, through clouds
Descending through somewhere
They think of their favorite place
Together, a memory shared
loved, used as a conversation piece,
children always seem to be like trees
Let’s take them for a walk ,
before the sun goes down.
Maybe we can throw a frisbee
“I’m going to miss this town”,
thought the caged parrot
They had home waiting
for them both to move on.
The way squids
camouflaged in groups
to stay alive
corals turn alive and swim away
in their own day.
I wonder how they live, sleep
and gain energy. Massive
Tentacles, in squids-
pass sea-life, she tucks away
his leg.. in a fraction of a second-
Monsters of the deep-
Breed and swim away, 400 million years-
flows like water
can pass through a tube a tenth its’
size of it’s body. Pink flesh.
Hunters of fashion
He leaves the water and crawls over land.

May 2005
Escape on your own.
Let go of your hate.
A tree fell- not too far from the highway-
No one gathered around to see the leaves fall, and flutter all around.
No one teethed as much as you as a child.
You’re nearly three years old,
and still no motivation not to smile
To hell, with communication-
I see why I grew up so quiet
To hell, with miscommunication-
for it’s only a common fare for all to bare witness to.
Dog- damn it that toll got me growing weak in the steering wheel.
I made a poem out of a hole in the ground.
Roots ripped up and replanted perfectly in a black vase-
un-sprinkled- un-crinkled
only sipping beer for pleasure player.
A tree fell and killed a bird.
What is murder when nature comes crashing down?
I’ll cut it down, up out the ground.

February 2007
You saved me,
You put me away into my own mind,
so I’m not locked up and free to be
A round world, circled in love.
You did so much for me
and I have to stay thankful to you,
you saved me.

You put me away, into a memory
that some day may turn grey,
but you made me live again,
unlocked, un-judged,
untied and in June your sun will drop
and my moon will shine, and in July
I will try to let you go, so you and yours
can know
your granted peace will never cloud
my mind from your giving sky

August 2007
Let’s go for a little drive,
melt with me on the tip of my tongue.
Let me flex up and blast,
speed off to a new direction of revivalism,
hope for the change the mighty place of falling rain.
Blessed river on my soil,
flow gentle and kindle.
Know the route past gloomy dooms
and enlighten the future as we awake
to a new day, every day.
Up all day, confirmed
and passed away. For many this is a dark day.
One I wouldn’t disrespect or give way,
to dishonorable set design plays.
Don’t make a movie about it, please.
If anything write a book about it.
Let’s park here and get out and walk. I remember,
do you also?
oh, how the winds would ripple and waters roar.
Makes me shiver at the sight of this freeway upturned.
Giant ghosts on my shoulders,
start to whisper, how peaceful you must stay.
Pace e bene. Peace and wellness.
Today was a good day,
when we word out what we need to say.
When we expand the circle of love
and think of others besides ourselves.
Today is over, but tomorrow will be better,
because yesterday we blessed our fellow friends
and kept the notion of peace beside our pillow-heads
as we slept in knowing, rest is needed and much deserved.
Today is our day, when we spread our wings to doing good.
When we embellish what honor we have for a peaceful man.
Today will never end, it will only continue on, to another land
and make our leaders shake hands.
Brothers and sisters, today
was a good day. We awarded, we revived, we kept silent
when a leader was speaking and when spoken to,
we knew how to reply.
When darling lives are at risk, warring over this
and how to feel about the sand beneath your feet.
When the waters are clean and when we know,
today was done in a good way. When we help, when we share,
it is now that we must live. Not in the past, nor the future,
but in the now. Today, when the sun falls, know the colors
of the sun and the blood in our veins and the footsteps
of a dancer, unchained. Carry out a smile and clap your hands, be open
to man-kind and shed peace around. Oil the gates
you’ve attached to your fences and allow the farm to be
as the wind you breathe. Today we honor, today we’re golden.
Tomorrow we are a day older, yet this is only God showing.
Another day for goodness, another day for the passion of love
to be never forgotten.

February 2009
San Francisco Love
even though it was a rainy mid-day
through out the city late last night,
as the evening approached,
an old sun peeped through the clouds
and stayed enlightened as long as it could above,
’til the vast loud evening sky kept the streets moist with life.

Poems leaked from the sky scrapers,
friends laughed and starred at art, and most of all shined,
like the sparkles in their eyes only club lights can find.

Trips to heaven were only giggled, songs were all instrumental,
CDs never skipped and boom boxes seemed to fit,
plugs for my art were tuned into your walls and your time became ours,
cheers to the big love, the little hug and the future besides.
We live in the snow now, and the knowledge still grows, supreme,
tickets to the penny, slick roads cleared up as for now, with or without me,
as for a new rainbow of sun gleams,
to the suburbs over the mountain’s peak,
to the golden gate breeze.

June 2010
I dreamt I walked out of the east bay in through Oakland,
taking hundreds of photos, swimming through the bay,
dried off on the pier, walked through San Francisco,
taking more pictures, kept walking west,
swam ’til I arrived to Hawaii, dried off on a beach,
took more photos, stayed awhile, rested and then
swimming back to California, I woke up.

November 2010
I am awake,
the awakened one
smarter than ever
for it shall be, that I find peace
sitting under my old oak tree

I sit in peace
watching a squirrel
chewing an acorn next to me
watching the claws turn the meal
teeth grind and baby hairs swirl

The creature knows me
I am on it’s territory.
It is eating and watching me.
I look to my pool
and the water soothes
I twitch my ankles and the squirrel runs

Hops under the black fence
and wraps it’s nails to the cement.
I hear the busy town behind me,
the birds and the autumn breeze
in the trees

I wish for peace.
Peace with me and all my friends eating.
Telling me
they wish they had
what it takes to be me.

Good luck with your endeavors
Her eyes are re-painted
this time clever
I wish she were still with me,
so I could be in her warm red sweater
young again and feeling each others breath

Awake, shake dreams from your mind
my pretty friend,
your words mean nothing when you swear,
dare to be young again my model, I see your skin charm
and I swallow.
Link me in your chain and tell me I’m in your gang
loved and never squinted at,
honored as the book maker,
the old heart beat maker,
the Indian on your land.
The man you met deep in the city with cold hands.

I’m your new friend, painting your frame again
Learn manners and what’s appropriate,
and let’s meet again some dark city night
taking walks in music, blinking lights.

My old eyes wash inside,
pools drip waves of trust
puddles of mud meet my Father
and his grace at heaven’s gates.
Believe in God, your mother’s smile.
Your painter’s hand.

Interlock and hug, chest to chest.
Trust in the miracle of prayer, you write poems
sitting in the desert, under clearly driven clouds.
Push aside the coward
Snakes in colors of purple, blue and black hues
smell of vodka and brews.

I miss you.
I build this for you, homes built in glass cups
the one on top catches the rain and fills up.
over flows and droops on down
and washes the others off like the make up on a clown.

After chatting with you,
I washed my glasses with my t-shirt and ran for the vinegar
and paper towel picker upper, and clean my screen from such bigotry.
I am the awakened one,
you took my electric blanket and sent me back to Boston in the cold.

I was happy to land in the old home,
kindled in a new friends breakfast
She was clean, make up on and smiled on and on.
She was beauty on stick, felt fire thick,
on her street she walked, shoulders abroad.

A few weeks later I came home to you Papa.
Your genes you left me in soft painted landscapes
and I cried when you left us, passed us.
Rest in peace my dear Father and know we are in love.
Walking in fields with doves.

Taking pictures of trees, I see you smiling at me.
Even though these snakes take over my path
my friend tells me a long story and begs of me,
pleads with me, tells me I won’t be hearing
of much of it any longer. What a world, I tell my mother,
what is the world coming to?

Draw me a dragon, one I can catch,
one I can a catch in my baseball glove.
One I can watch, and have a conversation with,
let my beauty inside glide out from the deep inside,
carry me.
Drive me,

Draw me a mountain or a ribbon of love,
put your initials on it and call it fun.
Know I’m here in the foothills of green,
deeper than any deep sea creature has seen.

Draw me a dish and a glass of wine, a fork and a birthday cake
half eaten and fill in the shadows fine
Keep my Jesus drawings, and wash my old dirty mind
your time
my wine
your glass
a touch of class

Teacher teach me the answers to your test.
Let me sleep in your legs
let me feel the blood run up my arms
as I lift them up to you,
keep singing to me
to open my wings wide
inside your grin
is an eagle, and a serpent’s nest to bring
peace to the weary mind,
the birds will find.

Thread me a new day, take me inside,
keep my heart fixed on Maine,
but make my California mind, live a new time.

You’re a day away, a day ahead of me,
I never sleep, I only bury my mind close to meditation.
In-between, un-evenly
Come to me in honor, words that won’t bother
Know you are King,
Know you are what you want to be,
And your name means nothing,
Only dignity.

You are a true master, my friend
You are a peaceful man, explode your wisdom
of what the game of life entails.
You win.
Take your metal of honor
And walk your mile of horror,
Rain will fall and never tell a friend, that
some won’t like you.
Not everyone will like you.
Those are words of hate, those are words I debate,
Who do you think you met on that rainy night,
Curled up in love
Pushing buttons, pushing discs
Helping the sick.

No need to write back or answer those questions,
But know you’re a friend, ‘til the end.
So go on your path and maybe we’ll meet again,
You can shake my hand and we can start all over again.

My best to you says she’s not afraid of you,
You’re a fire in the desert and a stick in the forest.
I pray for you.

Take up your wings my pretty child, my sweet one,
Bring your hope with you in peace signs and cheap wine,
Let your leader know you walked astray to clouds dressed in grey.

Populations of peace and suburban geese,
Picture my wave to gust over your head.
Suck into the ocean and never come back again,
Take a picture of me in your backyard
cleaning up what was never a mess to begin with.

Cats meow and owls hoot,
The sister with a flute and the brother with a gun
Put your tesascope to the heart, render the knuckles to the top.
I am with you Mr. Unknown, tell your misses you’ll be back home.
Let my airline pilot secretively send you home, driven in flights
to airplane sights. I will proudly embellish upon you the fruit of my cup.

Mountains will never know I was a day ahead of you,
The united nations in proof, your art means something true.
Get away with it, go far and let your Daddy open a jar,
Lifted from his medicine bag, he holds the jam
that you could bounce to.

Melody of quaint features, make my group be teachers.
Awaken me at night and sleep me in the day, so I can behave,
His smile is the same as it was years ago, x-rayed

Giant one, I see you in pictures, so old, Green fields
can never fail, so build me fence, one I can’t kick bent
make my calm nature be forever, for this will be the last endeavor.
I bake my own
I wake in groans
I now know, my music is thrown.

Discs of my lover heal,
make her Summer she met me the youngest I’ve known.
You’re the love I zone, I clone, die and sleep never alone.
Ego be gone, judgmental words ways never again
Do what you say, say as you do,
Weakness is seen too.

Felt with fire and fury of desire,
Melt my candle, doubles in a wick
Candle stick, hope is often sick.
Heal me in prayer and pictures of fog,
Green shadows of dawn, pop up
frogs on new lilies and carry life real silly.

I miss you my vast cloud, rain on my friend
and bring them grapes to wine on.
I miss the berry you stole, and the vine you gave back
in merry ways telling me to be good on an old night
like this,
I tell you I remember cuddles of what the future could be
Mark my word you hunter, the deer have eyes,
God is watching every blood vessel in you curl in and slide
through your heart and out your nose,
as I pull my trigger of positive words, ways you mock
it burns.

Kittens of the club, you spit that love, wine of heaven, full of brothering.
I feel for you, travel the gapping hole, fall deep in sleep and awaken like me.

Only to feel you’re lonely all over again, clean waters rush in,
Mark my sink with snot and justify what style you brought.
Know my water runs clean and bright, serene,
No it’s not boring, Black dish of paint, mashed potatoes
and bitten nails, who knows what else eggs could scramble.

I pray to you my good God, my land of the proud,
see through what ignorance I leak and bound.
I honor your muscle man, and lean bright to the sun
Arms wide open and hunted down, bare skinned.

See me at night and tell me to be aware, awake as ever, in thin white air,
Frost bite me and tell me everything’s ok.
Ordinary Kindness,
Wide awake in the morning, your coffee is delicious.

Understand my hope and plead with me on this one,
Pay me for nothing and sleep well,
Know your art is something more to tell
Spray me a zest, only to buckle my safety vest,
I have more to do, more to say
And my brain is justified.

Sign my name on the heart of love, know I
Know you,
Now I disown you, go and live your life
Make a plan and never look to me again,
in your bad language in false interpretation.
God is with me out here,
A pure man, that looks just like you, but isn’t you,
How do you feel zapped and bruised,
Gone. TV news
Smiled on
And still you preach abuse.

I am over you,
Above looking down, smiling and making sure
Everything is ok.
Awake at 6 in the morning, powerless to the way you have
You’re a flame to the sky, like a lady in the water, thousands
of miles away, still there, for you to coincide.

Green fields of peace be with you my good family,
bring my art to the fury, stage of grace,
enlighten your face,
bang the gong
and let the new waters take off.
There are families to feed and your help indeed,
Be brave and carry on, your energy is gold.

Carry on, and know we are right there with you.
Be a perfect clean man, know that it’s all in God’s plan.
Back it up and remember you’re an old wise man,
crisp day, clearer night, put your charm mask on tight.
Then in your dreams, remove the seams,
and wire up a new face, iced.

I am the awakened one, talking to you.
Peace be with you and know you are one too.
One Love, forever like the wonders of the wind.
Sleep my pretty child, sleep.
Awaken in happiness, and in the blink of an eye,
you will live a long good life.

I’m in the middle of the road,
hand in hand, together
with family and friends.

No time distances us
No energy, money or greed

Our hands are together,
some cold, some warm,
parked stage coaches carved of trees,
we walk in the middle of our road. Peacefully.

Evenly we walk, down paths of warriors history,
like the seasons change, the fires rearrange.

Warmth and cooking, health and friendship, the formula of family love.
The hearts of heavens above smile upon, steps under our roots and trees
as we walk on towards the gates of love, leaving behind footsteps of peace.

Later in the morning, the sculptures are made
each and every toe and heel stepped and planted,
each tree we brought with us, leafed or un-leafed .
Dust and all, every morsel of hope, energy and love in our scope.

The music of joy plays and anger never mixes in,
only arms raised in joyous revival, of what is fun.

Good dreams and askings,
Awakened one will you pray for us,
I say I will pray with you.
Every day and night, through an innocent sight.

The people live on, in gardens close to God.
Love and peace doves printed in gold frames
Painted in inks to never wash away.
Together in Love another day.

New awakenings, new feelings of truth,
bakers in the early morning
bring us fresh bread, and milk to use.
Perfect for our children, perfect for our hearts,
to warm each other with smiles
clean waters lovingly starts.

Games of counting, games of hoops,
in and out and your turn and mine,
hopscotch and pinball, old school rewinds.
Let story time begin. Grandparents happy again.

Breakfast in bed, awake in sunshine rays,
the days are ours with blue washes of waves.
Clean bed sheets and rest well earned,
giggles and talks about the fire, keeping us warm.

We travel on, through mountain sides,
I up front awake and wide.
Looking back every so often to make sure
everyone is safe and secure.

Some are sleeping, some are weary,
our mission is hard, and storms test our mental.

Meditation is next to sleep, good-friend.
Practice your situation, know your way out.
Sit in a place you know, relax every muscle,
get comfortable.

Watch what goes on, and what goes off
all around you. Every moment you see,
every song you breathe, every piece of that dignity.
Energy you give, energy you get,
you caught me looking up at the art, I bet.

Painted in midnight hours, set for the roads,
holding on to my loved ones and never alone.

The daylight turns to evening bright,
I stay awakened, in good standings of myself,
you know me, as a blessing. Cardinally.
The main chief, primarily yours.
You’re a good friend, perfectly placed
in heaven’s ways. Don’t laugh,
your doubt and sarcasm is a form of being misbehaved.

You are on your own trail, wild and free.
Just leave us to be on our own, in hand in hand scenery.
You may join, when you are ready, and learn to keep to your mind.
Showing goodness and shedding light like a sun sublime.

I ring the bells, I fish for food,
I am awaken in the sunrise and I’ll get my rest
when my friends have learned what I lament.
As a child, I remember the good thing drawer,
full of a scent, socks and metals, coins and screws,
everything life could choose.

We are here, near the bonfire
What words do I say to make you feel better
This is some crazy weather
I know, tomorrow
We’ll get up early and go for a long walk
Down to the creek, past the old boulevard,
into the old man’s walkway
we can meditate, feel safe and know
the world is in color.

Fall arrives and we see the sun still shine
in ever shades of yellow
we pass by the flowers growing
right before our eyes
roads fork
and we decide to go each other’s way
I’ll go yours, you go mine
There is a road up ahead
when we will come together again

Wake up, it’s time,
the sun in the sky
the mountain’s climb,
the way we walk,
the way we talk,
the footsteps we leave behind
as giant as they seem,
we are being followed by deer
eating crumbs off our road
the eagle’s flight arose
We watched in honor as the sky parted
raised our hands and waved them about

The rainbows formed over our camp sight
Our pool was clean with laughter and jokes about words
we had written in the sand.
I pray for my good friend too, to move
Saint Jude, tell me the truth
I kneel unto you.
In grace I honor you.
in icons with a flame, I see you.
In all my friends, you live. Life, mighty and strong.
Get work done, you’re an awesome mountain of a man,
taking care of your women.

Along roadside,
the deer sits,
a family of voyage.
Clouds moving forward
I reach your home
and yonder more bread

We gather in candle light
and spark another candle
to brighten the table
Grace we pray,
and wash our hands of this

I will alarm the others
if any sky falls some more
it’s helping the farmers,
yet our tracks are being ruined.

We ponder the way these leaves change,
and turn inside you, with tunes we knew.
We recorded the way our men behaved
and how our ladies got strong
America’s awakened one.

Be at ease, know tomorrow is at peace
Take up a bit more energy and know
we’ll all meet up together again.
Watch the way the sun peaks from the trees,
knowing tomorrow will be at peace. •

Paper back book available at Lulu.com/spotlight/Fabbribuy
The Awakened One, written by Chris Fabbri, edited by Sherri

The Awakened Two Poetry Journal 2014-2016

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