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Now Showing
· Milk Tea Lab painted mural 1972 Contra Costa, Pleasant Hill CA -now showing since 2016
· Pizza Oliva Venice mural 2400 Olympic Blvd., Walnut Creek CA -now showing since 2012
· Salesian HS President’s office, Main St. New Rochelle NY -now showing since 2011
· New Clairvaux Abbey wine tasting room, 7th St. Tehama, Vina CA -showing since 2009

2012 mural of Venice Italy painted by Chris Fabbri
Now Showing in Pizza Oliva 2400 Olympic, Walnut Creek, CA view video

2009 Chris Fabbri pencil on paper portrait drawings of William Randolph Hearst & Thomas Merton. New Clairvaux Abbey art collection.
Now showing in the wine tasting room of the Abbey, Vina, California

June 2016 Milk Tea Lab mural painting

2016 Chris Fabbri mural
showing at Milk Tea Lab 1972 Contra Costa, Pleasant Hill, CA view video

Chris Fabbri Art Shows/Collectors

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