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Showing in October 2021 🐢
at Snappys cafe 978 A street Hayward CA

mural painted in 2019
now showing at Aquatic Park
80 Bolivar Drive Berkeley

mural painted in 2016
now showing at Milk Tea Lab
1972 Contra Costa Blvd. Pleasant Hill

mural painted in 2012
now showing at Pizza Oliva
2400 Olympic Blvd. Walnut Creek

2021 Path through Red Field, acrylic on canvas 12”x36”
2021 Red Sky at Night, acrylic on canvas 12”x36”
2021 Red Sky Island, acrylic on canvas 12”x36”
2021 The Moon and The Fence, acrylic on canvas 12”x36”
2013 Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, acrylic on wood 18″x36″
2017 Sheila E., acrylic on metal 10″x7″
2017 Jim Morrison, acrylic on metal 10″x7″
2015 Hillary Clinton, acrylic on paper 9″x7″
2016 C3PO with boombox, acrylic on cardboard 31″x14″
2020 C3PO, acrylic and paper collage on cardboard with wooden frame 36”x24”
2013 C3PO reading People magazine, acrylic on wood 30″x20″
2020 Yoda, paper collage 34”x26”
2020 DarthVader 3D, oil and acrylic on metal 18”x18”
2013 Rizzo, acrylic on cardboard 9″x11″
2013 John Travolta, acrylic on cardboard 12″x12″
2015 Jeff Spicoli, acrylic on cardboard 11 1/2″x11 1/2″
2009 KRS-One, acrylic on paper 12″x9″
2013 John Lennon, pencil and acrylic on cardboard 12″x12″
2017 Chris Cornell, acrylic on metal 7″x10″
2017 Simon and Garfunkel, acrylic on metal 10″x7″
2017 Tracy Chapman, acrylic on metal 10″x7″
2016 David Unplugged, acrylic on cotton felt 32″x14″
2014 Mona Lisa with earrings, oil and acrylic on cardboard 10 1/2″X10 1/2″
2015 Mona Lisa with flowers in her hair, acrylic on paper 15″X11″
2013 Mona Lisa with her laptop, acrylic on cardboard 36″x24″

2015 Marilyn looking up, acrylic on wood 36″x24″
2016 Marilyn Monroe, acrylic on canvas 20″x16″
2015 Marilyn life, acrylic on cardboard 19″x10″
2020 China girl putting flowers in her hair, acrylic on paper 20”x16”
2015 Tinman, acrylic on wood 34″x28″
2016 Judy Garland as Dorothy, acrylic on paper 17″x14″
2016 Bill Murray, acrylic on canvas 24″x24″
2020 Stay Focused, oil and acrylic on canvas 24”x18”
2020 Beastie Boys, ink and acrylic on cardboard boxes 7”x10”
2014 Beastie Boys and Run-DMC, oil and acrylic on wood 24″x36″
2019 Beastie Boys, ink and acrylic on canvas 24”x36”
2019 Beastie Boys, acrylic and ink on paper 24”x36”
2019 BeastieBoys, oil and acrylic on canvas 5 1/2”x12”
2020 Squid Eating Battleship, acrylic on cardboard 24”x34”
2016 Sealed with a Kiss, acrylic on canvas 24″x20″
2020 Patty Cakes, ink and acrylic on canvas 20”x16”
2020 Oh, today? acrylic and sunglasses on cardboard 26”x20”
2020 Rosie the riveter, ink on canvas 14”x11”
2021 Teardrop, acrylic on cardboard 26”x20”
2020 Bob Marley, acrylic on cardboard 20”x20”
2009 Vajrapani, acrylic on quadrangular plank of wood 35″x30”
2013 Bruce Lee, acrylic on cardboard 8″x11″
2006 Bruce Lee, ink on paper 14”x11”
2016 Eddie Van Halen, acrylic on paper 18″x24″
2016 David Lee Roth, acrylic on cardboard 8″x10″
2009 Truckin’, acrylic on wood 40″x29″
2016 Scooby Doo, acrylic on 12″ vinyl
2016 Jerry, acrylic on 12″ vinyl
2016 Marilyn wearing 3-D glasses, acrylic on paper 14″x8 1/2″
2016 Marilyn’s true story in 3-D, acrylic on cardboard 12 1/2″x12 1/2″